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9/27/13 6:13 P

Now I cannot find my way back to the recipe calculator. Where in the track your food screen is it? If I remember correctly, the issue was that serving was the only choice, I could change to grams.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,155
9/27/13 3:51 P

you enter in all of the ingredients to just like you would if you were eating each ingredient separately. weigh the total yield of the recipe, then enter that weight in number of servings. so if your total yield weighed 500 grams, enter in 500 as the serving size. make a note in the serving size that it makes 500 1 gram servings.

if you were stating that it is hard to find some of the ingredients to enter in that have gram measurements, either keep looking through the options or just manually enter the info in front of you with the gram measurements. i find that most options i use have grams as an option from the pull down serving size measurement menu.

9/27/13 2:22 P

Is it possible to enter a recipe in Sparkpeople, where all the ingredients are in grams. For example: I make a spinach quiche. I cannot figure out how to enter all the ingredients in grams, so that when I serve myself, all I have to do is weigh a portion. Or does anyone know of a good website that allows me to do this and then I can transfer data to spark favorites?

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