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Entering heart rate on fitness tracker

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Posts: 13,906
1/15/13 10:45 A

There isn't a way to do it directly from Spark.

But you could use a calculator such as
and then enter the calories manually into Spark.

What sort of activity are you doing that you think Spark is inaccurate for?

Posts: 2,707
1/15/13 10:09 A

Not that I know of. Bit, be aware, sparks uses more than just inputting an activity. It takes your information I. Your profiles, sex, height, weight, etc., so make sure those are accurate. It's still just a guesstimate. If you re worriednitsmwildly inaccurate, I'd suggest investing in a HR monitor. You fight also double check it against another site like and use the average, I've done that before. When I do the elliptical, I use the average of the machine and SP since the machine is always super high, and I weigh less than the average most machines are calibrated for, but SP doesn't take intensity or incline into account.

Posts: 54,962
1/15/13 10:07 A

There's not a way to do that. The most accurate way to estimate calories burned is to use a heart rate monitor. What kind of activity are you doing, for how long, and what kind of calories burned numbers does the tracker give you?

Coach Jen

Posts: 1
1/15/13 10:00 A

Is there a place in the fitness tracker where I can enter my average heart rate during my workout and then Spark will calculate the calories burned? I just monitor my heart rate by periodically checking my pulse during my workout. I think the calories burned Spark reports just based on inputting an activity for me are quite different than reality.

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