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3/6/13 10:21 A

I have realized in the past that I was exercising too much while having too much going on in my life. I use to exercise for 60 minutes, no matter what, it always had to be an hour of cardio. Now, I'm trying this new routine, 30 minutes, make sure I get enough sleep, and I quit school, and I'm now working part time, and I hope in the future to be a caregiver for the elderly, especially my Grandma. I love that kind of job, since it is very rewarding, and all I have to do is look after another person's heart, feelings, and remember that they are another human being with an important contribution to this world and to my life. I don't know if you'll have the circumstances to do that, but I don't believe in this system any longer. I don't think that getting a degree is the answer to someone's financial woes. Too many times I've seen people work very very hard, and then later not be able to use the degree they worked so hard for due to circumstances, job market, and qualifications. I'm not saying you won't be successful, but would you be much happier just having a stable not-so-high paying job, but a job that at least provides for your needs? Then you wouldn't have to go to school, stress out, then worry later on if you are going to be able to keep the career. Yes, there are many successful people out there, but I'm just now realizing that even though I left my career, I can still be successful at anything I want and choose to! Maybe think about that?
Ultimately, I want you to succeed, you deserve to be happy. I hope the advice from me and others helps, and that you are able to achieve balance in your life, good luck!

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3/6/13 10:16 A

You are so right! Thanks! I needed this!

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3/6/13 8:57 A

I wasn't seeing results as quickly as I wanted last year. I took almost a year off from SP and eating great. I'm back (as you can plainly see). The thing is, you might not get results you see immediately. It totally sucks. One thing that helps keep me motivated is that I read this:

It takes 4 weeks (of constant doing the right things with eating and exercise) for YOU to see your body changing.
It takes 8 weeks for friends and family
It takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

This is something I constantly try to focus on. It just takes time. You didn't put the weight on overnight, it won't come off overnight. The other things also hinder our successes.

Sleep is something that you need to lose weight. Make sure you are getting enough. If you are getting 7-8 hours, and still exhausted, see your doctor, something else may be wrong.

Stress can hinder your success as well. Try yoga or another relaxing exercise that helps you breathe and relax.

Everyone else is right as well. You can out-eat any diet. However, everyone has a problem getting started. When you get started, your body holds onto the weight for a little bit, because it is a new thing. Then, all of a sudden, changes are noticed. Muscle weighs more than fat, so sometimes the scale doesn't move but your clothes fit better/looser. Sometimes, muscles retain some water when first being used. Eventually this stops, but you just have to keep working through it.

Good luck.

SCASSIDY5 Posts: 30
3/6/13 8:38 A

I can relate to the frustration of not making progress, especially when you feel so stress. Currently, I'm reading a book called "Spark" by John J. Ratey, MD. It's about exercise and the relationship with the brain. He has a whole chapter on stress and how exercise can relieve the stress. It's an interesting read and might provide some extra motivation especially when you are feeling so tired all the time.

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3/6/13 7:31 A

How's your eating? Weight loss is more about how much we eat. So even if you're exercising, if you are eating too much, you won't see results.

Perhaps when you're stretched really thin with school and work, focusing on your eating-- making good, healthy choices and staying within your calorie range-- would be best. You can then just do things like take the stairs, park farther from the building and walk briskly etc. There are a lot of workout videos here on Spark, both cardio and strength, that only take about 10 minutes for when you've got the time.

3/5/13 9:01 P

I am just not motivated in anyway. I am being stretched thin between school and work so I wake up too exhausted to workout in the am and when I get home from work I am too exhausted to leave the house.

To top it all off. Last summer I ran a lot! I even entered a couple of races where I ran my first 5k! But I never lost a pound! I enjoy running and everything but I didn't stick to it. I've done some strength training last month but I did not stick it as well.

I am just finding it hard to believe in the process, especially when I try so hard with no results. Is it worth stressing myself out, causing myself grief, putting my body through the strain and the pain for no reason?

Honestly, I want nothing more than to lose 40lbs this year - if takes longer, that's ok as well. As long as there is some proof of progress. I am a results girl, and if I see no results than it's really hard for me to put one foot in front of other....

Work is stressing me out, I am behind in my school work, my schedule is crazy, I have so many appointments, and I'm waiting on something that may potentially allow me to move out of living situation and honestly I am just always tired.

- Gersande Nornil

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