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Wow, great replies! Thanks so much for the info! Good things to consider. I do see how they would be a healthier choice than some, but yes.. I have a pack sitting on my desk at work for convenience in the event I need a snack at some point in my work day that I can eat at my desk. ;-)


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8/10/12 8:43 A

enriched flour is not whole grain. odds are that there are some other grains farther down on the ingredient list and that is where the whole grain is coming from. keep in mind that even some bread and cracker type products that do have a whole grain listed as the first ingredient still toss in some regular flour later on in the ingredient list to help balance out the final product.

as far as how healthy they are, you have to look at the nutrition label for that.
then you have to compare it with whatever it is replacing. if you're having the crackers instead of barley and bean soup, odds are it's a poor swap. if you're having the crackers instead of cheetos, odds are it's still a better choice. if you're choosing these crackers over another brand of crackers, you have to compare the labels. even with the white flour are you getting anything different from them?
and then you hit convenience. sure pretty much everyone would agree that a whole grain wrap [actual whole grain being the first ingredient] with eggs and veggies would be a better choice than packaged snack crackers. but i'll tell you right now when it comes to having something i can toss into my purse and forget about, i'm picking the crackers.
and i guess it also depends on if you're buying these as a first choice snack [something that you're choosing to have everyday] or a backup snack [something that you keep on hand in tucked away places so that you don't have to run out for fast food or to buy yourself some time to make dinner]. i think as a first choice snack, they leave something lacking. but they are one of the things that i rotate in as a backup snack and i like them for that.

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While they may be a better choice than some; it's always best to read the label.
The fewer added ingredients, the closer to whole, and the less processing obviously make for a better product.

Then again, you could eat hay, and it would meet all that criteria, but be less than wonderful going down emoticon

Nutrition Diva
Skinny Girl

both have great information about processing and packaging, if you exhaust the Spark People articles

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Thanks, that is what I was beginning to think..

I don't normally buy crackers like that, but had bought them for a road trip.

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"Question: Are these crackers as healthy as I was thinking they were when I bought them because they say "whole grain" or is it just a gimmick by food manufacturers and they are no healthier than white flour?"

It is just a gimmick - the product you bought is made with white flour that has some nutrients added back into it. Look for products where the first ingredient is whole grains or whole wheat and there's no "enriched" flour.

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I am eating a pack of Lance "whole grain" crackers and thinking about how much I love these crackers! And then I look at the ingredients and see that "Enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine, mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid)" is first on the list of ingredients. So I look up "enriched flour" because I don't really know what that means.. and see this article from The Institute of Natural Healing.

Question: Are these crackers as healthy as I was thinking they were when I bought them because they say "whole grain" or is it just a gimmick by food manufacturers and they are no healthier than white flour?

Maybe it doesn't matter because they fit into my calories/fat/carb/protein for the day, but if I want to make healthier choices in the grocery store it is good to know if it is worth my money or not.

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