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SHAZZER1976 Posts: 45
5/6/10 4:58 A

You are an inspiration to the rest of us! Loved reading your post this morning! Well done!

5/6/10 4:56 A

Congratulations. You are truly an inspiration. Blessings.

ELAOPET Posts: 544
5/6/10 4:35 A

Comparing myself to you and others with children and husbands and all the stress it brings...I feel I MUST make it! I have noone, just myself and a dog ;) and my dad, of course.
I wish I had all that but at the same time, I am sure I couldn't cope.
So, GOOD FOR YOU to persist and reminding me... Everyone has trouble, noone is stress free and just do the most for youself on any given day and DON'T GIVE UP!
let us all just keep going! Up with the spark, down with the numbers ;))
Love your post! And your kids are too cute!!!

TVPOJAR Posts: 2
5/6/10 4:31 A

Love your attitude!!! Keepin the faith, that's the key to success..

5/6/10 4:19 A

You have the right attitude! We did this to ourselves and the only person to fix it is ourselves. Keep it up.

DEBSKENT Posts: 32
5/6/10 4:06 A

What can I say? Thank you all so much for your comments. We're amazing, aren't we?this journey can be lonely and depressing - don't we all wish we could take a pill and wake up slim. But it didn't go on overnight, we've all worked hard at putting it on so let's work hard to get it off together.

If you can relate to any of my guilt, excuses or if you too are the queen of "starting tomorrow" add me as a friend and we can do it together.

Thank you again, you are all stars - it's this support that makes it easy x

JEWELZEE- Posts: 1,795
5/6/10 4:00 A

Thank you for the inspiration.

BEASIA Posts: 1
5/6/10 3:53 A

Well done, reading your story makes me stronger.
Just like you I have tried many slimimg clubs and alli tablets and nothing really helped.
I discovered Sparkpeople about 6 weeks ago and I gave it a try. It really changed the way I am eating, being more in control of my food, also drinking water makes a big difference. I feel a lot healthier and happier in myself.
I lost 8.5kg already and I am going to be strong to go all the way.
I did have 3 bad days and I was very disappointed in my self, however we are only human and we are allowed some mistakes. I am back on track and determine to do it.

Reading all the stories it really inspire me.
Thank you.

LAUR1E Posts: 119
5/6/10 3:51 A

Thank you. Message boards such as yours keep me going when I feel like giving up.

MRSHAWAII63 Posts: 7
5/6/10 3:43 A

Keep going Your reward will be a happier,healthier,more joyful you. You will be a spark plug that will be an encouragement to your family emoticon and friends. emoticon

5/6/10 3:42 A

I would have to enough

REGAN49 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,305)
Posts: 959
5/6/10 3:36 A

emoticon emoticon Keep up the great work!!!

BRIDGIRL Posts: 267
5/6/10 3:27 A

Thank you for this post--it is just how I feel as well but didn't know how to put it into words. It is wonderful to have so much support and know that we will get there in the end.

Good Luck

_MAOMAO_ Posts: 5,872
5/6/10 3:15 A

I love your post! Thank you for the inspiration. I know, you're not here for giving inspiration, you're at Spark to get it. But that's how inspiration works, you can't get it w/o giving it, too. You are a real hero. Thanks you, when I want to wuss out of my program I'll remember you!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

EVER-HOPEFUL SparkPoints: (205,859)
Fitness Minutes: (174,379)
Posts: 14,419
5/6/10 3:09 A

like you i have three children with special needs and like you i have enough on my plat with dr´s,specialists hospitals therapy´s etc and with all the other stuff that goes with being a wife and mother.also like you i used and still do occassionally the stress as an excuse to emotionally/binge eat.though i am pleased to say i am getting better at dealing with the stress in other ways is taking time and going slowler than i would like but at least it is going.i still have 80lbs+ to loose but i know that i will do it.i wanted to know that you are not on your own there are lots of us out there,we can do have done so well so far that i am positive you will do the rest.the way you worded it (enough on your plate)is brilliant and i wouldn´t mind using it my self to add to my daily affirmations to help me with my are right i have enough on my plate both literally and physically without the need to add my extra weight to it.thanks for reminding us.

5/6/10 3:02 A

great article. You are an inspiration! Keep it up!!!

5/6/10 2:47 A

I think the Warrior_Mommy made two points for remembering:
1) Set small goals because they add up to a larger success.
2) What's the excuse rambling around in your own head for carrying on in your own life with the extra weight?
What am I weighting for?

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WARRIOR_MOMMY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,509)
Posts: 314
5/6/10 2:42 A

Once upon a time ago I had ten children, the oldest was eight, and I had six children under the age of four. one of my kids has autism, one is deaf.
Now I have six teenagers! I think we all have stages in our lives.

You do what you do to survive. I have tried every diet I think that is out there. I found that when I was stressing about it, then I would not follow the diet plans or not be able to exercise. But when i was not stressing out about it, then that's when I lose the weight.
I use to run every morning before I had children. Later, I would have my runs after my husband would come home from work, or early before he left for work. My kids got older, we would exercise together. Now I walk every morning with my daughter's before they go to school.
You are doing a wonderful job! Not be so hard on yourself!
I love walking. Even if you can not get out.. of your house I use to make a game of it. Having everyone follow mommy picking up toys.. jumping up and down with my youngsters around the room! Good luck to you!

PRAIRIECROCUS SparkPoints: (487,107)
Fitness Minutes: (218,635)
Posts: 56,935
5/6/10 2:39 A

Congratulations on your wonderful weight loss !
Best wishes for losing the rest, too !
Your positive attitude is a great example for your
All the best !

5/6/10 2:24 A

How awesome! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work. We can all accomplish our goals together.

20LBSOVER51 Posts: 1
5/6/10 2:16 A

My daughter is 27 and has been suffering with schizophrenia since she was 15. I know what a heavy load it is, not only the day to day struggles, but also worrying about their future, and the guilt that you're not doing enough. I think you are a very brave and strong woman for being able to not only take care of your children, but to take care of yourself at the same time. I wish you all the best in your journey.

BABYRN73 Posts: 164
5/6/10 2:15 A

You are doing awesome!!! Wow 42 lbs! My first two kids were special needs also, and my 13 year old has hydrocephalus too (treated via ETV, no shunt). I too used my children's health problems as an excuse for my excessive weight gain. I'm so happy for you - keep up the great work.

KNITTABLES Posts: 37,117
5/6/10 2:04 A

Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are a great inspiration to us all. Good luck in your Sparks journey.

HAKU695 Posts: 593
5/6/10 1:44 A

I admire your honesty--you are very brave and I applaud your progress. Self care is so important, especially with the amount of caring you do for your little ones. Good luck!

MMPHELPS1970 Posts: 138
5/6/10 1:39 A

thank you so much for sharing your story. i admire that you're taking responsibility for your health and happiness, which is such fantastic role modeling for your children, no matter what their own personal struggles may be. a commitment to a happy, healthy life tops the list of the best things a mom can do for her family. i applaud you! you are truly inspiring!

RDY2LOOSE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,849)
Posts: 1,525
5/6/10 1:37 A

that's great keep up the good work!

ECHOBLUE1 Posts: 3,809
5/6/10 1:34 A

You are a beautiful person and no one can take that away from you. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

5/6/10 1:25 A

Have a wonderful time with your family on your journey. they are both important.

LYNMEINDERS SparkPoints: (372,145)
Fitness Minutes: (71,087)
Posts: 31,321
5/6/10 1:25 A

Love the title of the book MRSSLIMZ....will try to get it.....

Hopefully I have this right when I see you only have 1message beside your name.......
I haven't been doing this long however am really enjoying all aspects of it..... emoticon emoticon


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KITHOLT1 Posts: 2
5/6/10 1:23 A

You are an incredibly inspiring woman. A year ago, after spending the past 10 years entirely on my children, I got sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired. I started my weight loss journey by controling my food and then moved on to power walking. With two arthritic knees, at first, I could barely get around my block. By the end of the summer, I was walking 10 miles a day. I now burn calories like an athlete. My body fat went from over 30% to 12%. I look pretty great, if I do say so myself, but, more importantly,I feel great. I am finally the mom I needed to be. The mom that doesn't just "serve" her children, but serves as a roll model for her children. My children are now reading package labels, and asking whether things that they are eating are organic. They are excercising, sometimes with me, and are my most ardent supporters. For all of the women out there that don't feel that they have time to eat right, workout, make good choices. . .etc. . .because they are too busy being moms, just remember children might listen to what we say, but they will almost alway do as we do. Being healthy not only helps you to get more accomplished in a day, but better prepares your children for a healthy future.

HARMONY71 Posts: 2
5/6/10 1:20 A

I have just joined and read your post.
You certainly have a lot on your plate but it isn't food!
You are doing amazingly well.
Eating slowly helps plus green salad first if you can.
I thought I had some challenges...

5/6/10 1:20 A

Well done you are doing fantastic emoticon

SM-ARTGIRL Posts: 1,102
5/6/10 1:18 A

I love how our children just naturally follow the habits we make for ourselves. Congratulations on your healthy lifestyle!

LYNMEINDERS SparkPoints: (372,145)
Fitness Minutes: (71,087)
Posts: 31,321
5/6/10 1:15 A

GO GIRL.... emoticon emoticon

What an absolute encouragement this is.....for all of us.....

you are over halfway as well..... emoticon
You can totally do this and you will achieve it.....

Like you I have found this site very encouraging even though it is only a short time I have been doing it.....

GO GIRL emoticon

SVIET10 SparkPoints: (12,965)
Fitness Minutes: (8,345)
Posts: 354
5/6/10 1:13 A

You are truly, truly and inspiration! God bless you and your beautiful children. We are with you all the way ~~~ Keep up the great weight loss ~~~ we believe you can do it too!

MEWAJES Posts: 849
5/6/10 1:07 A

What a great blog. Enjoyed reading, and emoticon

Your kids are just beautiful. I know they are alot of work, special needs or not. I can see they are well loved. That is such and important part of their growth in everything.

I am one who have often made excuses too, thanks for your blog. It helped.

Keep up the great work, you are rocking it. I love the positive attitude you have and are developing.

emoticon Mom!

Edited by: MEWAJES at: 5/6/2010 (01:19)
5/6/10 1:05 A

Hi Its great to hear you are have such a positive might really enjoy a book called "Excuses Be Gone!" By Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Its amazing how we all make excuses,( and so many of them are ones we all share) but soon as we get rid of them, or see them for what they are, and become personally accountable its amazing how empowering it is. Try this book it will really compliment your momentum. All of the BEST!!! emoticon

5/6/10 1:02 A

You are awesome!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

13DANA Posts: 3
5/6/10 12:48 A

You go girl. Keep up the positive vibes.

LJKSHS Posts: 3,834
5/6/10 12:43 A

emoticon on your weight loss..
The topic is an eye for thought..
Keep up the great work..

976005 Posts: 2
5/6/10 12:42 A

Onya!! Small goals are definitely the way to go. When I started this "journey" I was 132.8kgs. I promised my daughter I would lose 15 kgs in time for her wedding in June, and I have only one more kg to go! emoticon Then I want to lose another 5 kgs by the time I go to Bali in October. My third goal is Christmas - a further 2.8kgs. I would love to be under 105kg by the time I go back to Bali at the end of February. By June 23 next year, my 51st birthday, I would like to be at 87 kgs - my goal weight. I still have a long way to go, but I am now enjoying my life.

5/6/10 12:35 A

You are doing well, don't give up. emoticon

DEVORA4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (53,380)
Posts: 4,287
5/6/10 12:26 A

You have done so well. I am reminded of a saying that Dr. Robert Schuller Sr. said often, "God Loves You and so do I."

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,956)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,444
4/16/10 7:12 P

Hi Debs

Thanks so much for sharing your story! You are learning the real secret -- that by taking small steps, setting and reaching small goals one after the other for your own health and well-being, that over time you WILL have more energy to be a better mom and person. And as you say, this even spills over to the kids participating!

I'll share this post with our whole team to keep us motivated to keep improving the site.


Chris (SparkGuy)

HAPPYSOUL91 SparkPoints: (452,632)
Fitness Minutes: (132,730)
Posts: 34,329
4/16/10 11:17 A

With so much on your plate, you need to take care of yourself and you are! Be strong and keep going.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,721)
Posts: 1,228
4/16/10 8:48 A

You are doing so well. We too often let all the "things" we have to do each day weigh us down. I know I was. I love this program because it is affordable, handy, and there are people out there for me.

Keep up the great work and hugs for the kids, too. emoticon

DEBSKENT Posts: 32
4/16/10 7:01 A

Thank you - it's people like you who make this so much easier xx

REALLYHOPIN SparkPoints: (13,170)
Fitness Minutes: (4,770)
Posts: 1,263
4/16/10 6:50 A


I'm amazed. You are an awesome Mom. Congrats on the weight loss thus far and on the positive outlook!

Thanks for sharing with us! :)


HERE4MYKIDS Posts: 258
4/16/10 6:50 A

First of all congrates on losing another 2.5 this week..I know how you feel I did most of the same things you did and ALWAYS failed but this is different and i love all the support. I have 2 kids myself and my daughter was born with a major heart defect. so i know what ur going thur. have a great day!!!!

DEBSKENT Posts: 32
4/16/10 6:24 A

Well after another successful week of being healthy and making healthy choices, I have lost another 2.5lb this week.

I am loving this. Have tried Weightwatchers, Slimming World, Atkins, Cabbage Soup, Alli tablets,... you name it, I've tried it and usually by this point, I weigh more than when I started and I am depressed, eating more, depressed!!!

I have three children aged 5 and under - one has ASD and hydracephalus, one is blind and one has developmental delay, dyspraxia and autistic traits. For so long now, they have been my excuse.

I've now learned that I cannot allow my reason for things being a bit harder for me to become my excuse and guess what - setting small goals really works.

I have spent the last 6 years feeling sorry for me and letting others feel sorry for me too. In fact, it has been so easy to fail at this because everyone expects it and tells me constantly that I have enough on my plate. Well enough of enough on my plate. It was having too much on my plate that got me here to begin with.

My kids are happy and healthy. And I am on my way there too. They are joining in with my fitness routines - watching my 4 yr old clumsy daughter attempting to do yoga positions or run on the wii is enough to make Scrooge smile.

So thank you to all of Spark people. This journey is never lonely and the support I get is immense. I am loving this lifestyle change and focussing on the short term goals rather than getting depressed about the big picture.

I have lost 46lbs - still got another 42lb to go but I can do this - this time, I know I can.


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