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1/7/13 9:06 P

Eat what Spark tells you to. I wouldn't suggest going down to 1200 simply because your metabolism DOES lower when you diet. Wanting to lose jut a simple 3 lbs in a month isn't too big of a goal, but don't drop your calories to 1200 and then add on exercise to burn 400 so you "net" 800 in.

The most you really ought to lose in a week is 1% of your body weight. So, that means 1.4 lbs/week, which means you need to burn off an extra 5000 kcals/week or so. If you burn 1700 off on a sedentary day, and burn an extra 400 via exercise, then you really burn off 2100 each day. So, to burn only a total of 5000 kcals during the week, you need to eat ~1400 kcals.

And that's pretty much the minimum you should eat, because any less than that and you are setting your body up to burn more than it can healthfully.

1/7/13 8:15 P

OK, I see what you're saying about ounces...I weigh myself almost daily and am very 'lucky, if you want to call it that, to be able to basically tell how much I'll weigh based on my stomach...bloated or not. Fiber intake is a delicate thing for me. Anyway...since my honeymoon in Nov, I've watched my weight go down 2 lbs by ounces. .2 here, .6 there.

I lost 40 lbs 5 years ago through calories in, calories out. I was married earlier this year, so for the year leading up to the wedding, I was excellent with maintaining at 140 lb which was n different than before (minus the one time I gained 8 lbs and then lost it....start to finish, about 3 months of work). Then, long story short, married life and all the extra splurges that go along with being a newlywed happened. 3 lbs have stayed on and I know this is actual pounds fro weighing almost daily.

I know the body fluctuates daily, I see it each morning I step on the scale. I can't look at myself in a mirror and say 'you need to lose weight', BUT I can tell it based on how my clothes feel. Pants actually. I've always been a gainer in my hips, thighs, stomach. The way my pants have fit over the 2nd half of last year isn't the norm for me. So while 3 lbs might seem silly, when you've maintained at a certain weight for five years, there's only one explanation for when the pants seem tighter.

Like I said, I can tell when I'm retaining fluid, like after a sodium rich day or during that time each month. But I'm looking to lose fat like I did 5 years ago. If I can't lose a whole pound in a week, I'm fine with that. Spark shows me losing 3 lb in 3 weeks. How do I figure this out for like a half pound or whatever?

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1/7/13 7:42 P

Ah, I see what you're going for. Unfortunately, the problem is that you're trying to lose too much, too quickly. By dropping down to 1200 calories, you're likely not eating enough to support your activity.

With so little to lose, losing 1 lb per week is simply not going to be likely for you. The less you have to lose, the less you can lose per week. A good rule of thumb is about 3% of your remaining weight loss goal. Which means that with 3 lbs to go, you're going to be measuring your progress in ounces! A 500 calorie deficit is likely too much for your body at this time.

May I ask why you're trying to lose 3 lbs? Your weight can fluctuate that much in a week as a matter of course. Our weight is not a static number, and is more like a vital sign. 3 lbs is well within the normal variation of fluid shifts in your body. You could gain that much in 12 hours, and lose it again in 24. :)

I think a wiser choice at your weight would be to aim for composition. Have you had your body fat tested? A lower body fat percentage can make you look and feel better in your own skin.

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1/7/13 6:59 P

My ranges for calories on spark say 1500-1800. I weigh 143, 5'6". Trying to lose 3 lbs. Another site shows my caloric needs to maintain as 1700 (rounded for simplicity here). To lose a lb, I should eat 1200 to create the 500 Cal deficit. But, I burned 400 through exercise so the other site says to eat 1600 to create the 1200 net calorie total.

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1/7/13 6:29 P

No, if your goals were set up properly, your caloric and macronutrient goals are based on the amount of calories you burn on a weekly average. If you burn significantly more than what your fitness goals are, then SP will ask you to update your goals in Fitness Setup, and then the amount you need to eat will automatically change.

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1/7/13 6:28 P

Told by whom?

Sparkpeople works in ranges, not absolutes.

Sparkpeople sets up your program based on the amount of exercise you do, adjusting your diet accordingly to set up a calorie deficit that will provide you with weight loss while fueling your body for its exercise.

What is your current weight, and your target weight?

1/7/13 5:38 P

I'm told to eat 1230 calories per day in order to lose 1 lb safely. I workout and burn approx 400 calories, so should I be actually eating 1630 calories per day?

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