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ZENANDNOW SparkPoints: (68,476)
Fitness Minutes: (2,138)
Posts: 4,632
1/16/13 10:39 A

I don't use them. I don't need all that caffeine to stay alert, and I am up-to-date on the possible serious side-effects of consuming these energy drinks. emoticon

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
1/16/13 10:31 A

I don't think it's good to rely on anything to give you energy except good foods and healthy behaviors. Fake energy can't be good for you.

SMLAPINSKI SparkPoints: (5,235)
Fitness Minutes: (2,692)
Posts: 83
1/16/13 9:27 A

Stay away from them...not good. Stick with plain old water.

1/16/13 9:24 A

I have used some of the MRC protein drinks and they help curb my appetite and give me energy.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (245,680)
Fitness Minutes: (122,969)
Posts: 14,860
1/16/13 8:46 A

I like Cran-Energy on occasion. They are really good frozen. The caffeine boost is from green tea. That's about all I can handle.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
1/16/13 6:11 A

I have never tried them

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
1/16/13 6:11 A

It seems to me they are nothing put chemicals and sugar. I don't drink them. My only drinks are water and milk with a cup of coffee in the morning.

WELLNESSME09 Posts: 7,634
1/16/13 5:19 A

Coffee only...never tried others.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (344,365)
Fitness Minutes: (202,209)
Posts: 67,758
1/16/13 5:17 A

I only drink coffee for this as I have tried these and found that I could not sleep. So they must work, but not for me

ESPARZA307 Posts: 24
1/16/13 2:56 A

My energy drink is Coffee. It has antioxidants and caffeine. I don't like any of the others because they have too many chemicals that I can't even pronounce.

THROOPER62 Posts: 34,332
1/16/13 2:56 A

Never tried energy drinks

1/16/13 2:54 A

I have never tried any of the energy drinks. I don't think that they are good for you, so therefore I stay away from them.

ARUSHING2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,755)
Posts: 720
1/16/13 1:51 A

Most if not all "energy drinks" are chocked full of caffeine, and often times sugars. "Chocked full" as in high concentrations.

Rather than "energy drinks" I'd be more inclined to use - wisely a good powdered protein augment my daily nutrient protein intake (with adequate water intake also).

Even then, there is debate regarding the "need", the usefulness, and the safety of the suppliments.

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LISAN0415 SparkPoints: (9,164)
Fitness Minutes: (1,363)
Posts: 1,643
1/16/13 1:23 A

I love 5 hour energy shots! I take one a couple times a week because I work 12 hour midnights, and get tired.

I think if we don't overuse it, it's ok.

I like that it doesn't have sugar. Its only 4 calories.

HLTHAPPINESS4C Posts: 27,325
1/16/13 1:19 A

Out of curiosity I have looked at the ingredients of many and was shocked at how much caffeine is in them. Som combine the caffeine with vitamins and suppliments such as B12 and Ginseng! The combo of the three seem dangerous to me. If anyone experiences anxiety or has an anxiety disorder I say stay away from these types of drinks as caffeine can increase anxiety.

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
1/16/13 1:10 A

I haven't had any of the newer ones. The last few I tried made me all jittery.

EMILYMARGO SparkPoints: (12,060)
Fitness Minutes: (7,301)
Posts: 351
1/15/13 10:38 P

Yuck. I forced myself to drink them in middle school and early on in high school because that was "the thing" - everyone was drinking them, but I really couldn't stand the taste. I started to get violently sick from them and that was when I decided never again.

TREE57 Posts: 4,645
1/15/13 10:13 P

Never tried them. Don't care to.

THISISTHEREALME SparkPoints: (3,017)
Fitness Minutes: (545)
Posts: 160
1/15/13 9:02 P

I love them and before I started my weight loss journey I would drink at least one everyday. I still have the temptation to have one every once in awhile but not as much as I used to.

LINDYSPARKLES SparkPoints: (32,005)
Fitness Minutes: (32,432)
Posts: 178
1/15/13 7:32 P

I don't like them. I don't like the taste of any that I have tried, and I don't find them necessary on a regular day.

However, back in the summer my work was scheduling us to work overtime on Saturdays, and because the money was amazing, I volunteered to work a double. I was up at 4:30 am, starting work at 6:30 am, not done work until 10:30 pm, and not home from work until 11:15pm. I was having two energy drinks those days!

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
1/15/13 7:24 P

I know most people say they are bad, but come on, NO one is perfect. People eat either too much fat, or artificial sweeteners, or caffiene, or sodium, etc. You really have to pick your battles.

For me, I enjoy a drink in the afternoon. Whether it be a coffee, an energy drink, or whatever. It helps with the afternoon munchies and helps give me an energy boost to get through the second half of the day.

I really like the Starbucks Refreshers. They are 60 cals, and DO have a good amount of sugar, but I don't care. I don't eat a ton of sugar otherwise. I prefer these over Redbull or Monster, or whatever else. Some people might say "Have some tea!" Blah blah blah. The bottom line is that you can't be perfect, and you have to do what works for you. EVERYTHING in this country has side effects these days, sorry, that's just how it is. If you're drinking an energy drink each day, and you still are reaching your health and fitness goals, I say do what you want. The same thing isn't going to work for everybody, and different people have different priorities they focus on when it comes to nutrition. If it's working for you, don't worry about what other people think.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
1/15/13 7:21 P

They make me sick, so can't drink them.

JEFFGIRL Posts: 11,239
1/15/13 7:05 P

I have never tried them, but from what I have read about them they are more hype than help.

SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,746
1/15/13 6:55 P

I used to, but the cost was so high! I'll stick to coffee. It peps me up in the morning and helps me sleep at night.

GYMMAN59 SparkPoints: (75,783)
Fitness Minutes: (71,584)
Posts: 3,833
1/15/13 6:51 P

Never tried them,not interested too much stuff read on the active ingredients of what tthey did mention said not to take it,plus I hear they have a lot of side effects ,just my two cents

SAILSCALL SparkPoints: (59,836)
Fitness Minutes: (44,834)
Posts: 688
1/15/13 6:50 P

I've never had one. I have no interest in them.

HEALTHYLADY12 Posts: 544
1/15/13 6:33 P

I drink them. I try not too. I dont think there good for you.

ZZYYGGY3 Posts: 2,397
1/15/13 6:31 P

I sometimes use them for that afternoon pick me up, but haven't used them in awhile. Coffee does the trick most days.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
1/15/13 6:28 P

They can be literally addictive. Usually when people around here talk about being "addicted to food," etc, I just bite my tongue, because everybody's addicted to food; you die without it. But energy drinks are high in caffeine, which is actually addictive, and the worst part is that they're not uniform in how much caffeine they have. When you drink a cup of coffee, you understand basically how much you're going to get. When you drink an energy drink, they don't tell you how much caffeine is in it, and it might have very different amounts in different cans or bottles. Added caffeine doesn't change the taste or appearance of the product, so the manufacturers don't care about being consistent and you can't tell if it's higher or lower than normal.

It's probably a good idea to try to cut it out. Switch to coffee or tea, which have some other health benefits, or wean yourself off of it slowly by mixing it with something non-caffeinated like fruit juice, sparkling water, etc. It's probably better not to try to go "cold turkey," because many people get headaches and other withdrawal symptoms if they stop caffeine suddenly.

TALIA2121 Posts: 24
1/15/13 5:52 P

If you need the energy boost you can take B12 (with vitamin C cause it helps the B12 work), D3, and magnesium. All natural and no negative side effects! I use them all the time and it has really helped to boost my energy levels! D3 is what your body gets and needs from the sun. It is why when you open the curtains, go outside in the sun for a few minutes you immediately feel better and energy levels go up! Might want to give these (or some of them) a try instead so you don't have to worry about negative side effects like you do with the energy drinks!

TALIA2121 Posts: 24
1/15/13 5:47 P

Very Bad for you! Just do some research! If you need an energy boost go more natural with Vitamin D3, B12 (works best with vitamin C), and magnesium! Those have worked the best for me and have no negative side effects!

LYNNJ1976 Posts: 459
1/15/13 5:12 P

Never tried them. No interest.

1/15/13 5:10 P

I don't really like energy drinks. I have never found a flavor I've liked. And they don't seem so healthy...

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,045)
Fitness Minutes: (52,655)
Posts: 1,416
1/15/13 5:03 P

Never had one, never will - read the ingredients on one once and that was enough to know I'll never try one!

IDAHOEMILY SparkPoints: (1,396)
Fitness Minutes: (887)
Posts: 7
1/15/13 4:53 P


PUNKYSMOMMY SparkPoints: (34,151)
Fitness Minutes: (17,474)
Posts: 421
1/15/13 4:44 P

I'd like to say no, but can't. emoticon

CHERYLL1949 SparkPoints: (57,176)
Fitness Minutes: (9,486)
Posts: 934
1/15/13 4:39 P


RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
1/15/13 3:30 P

No, I have never tried them and I don't want to spend money on them.

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KARENCRANER Posts: 3,425
1/15/13 3:28 P

I love Monster zero calorie, sugar-free drinks. They taste just like the full-sugar Red Bull, and work well to jack my energy levels if I'm having a rough day, so I stock up when I catch them on sale. I drink them, on average, about once a week.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
1/15/13 3:22 P

I have never tried them and am reluctant to spend money on them.

SINAED SparkPoints: (15,107)
Fitness Minutes: (17,140)
Posts: 202
1/15/13 3:05 P

i dont like them they r too sweet to drink ....just prefer water and rather use my calories on food that will fill my stomach

CRYSTALDANCER SparkPoints: (106,047)
Fitness Minutes: (121,470)
Posts: 3,069
1/15/13 2:45 P

I don't drink them. I rarely have caffeine at all, so that rules out 99.9% of all energy drinks right there. For me, caffeine made me feel hungrier and had a negative effect on my weight loss, so I quit it entirely.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
1/15/13 2:29 P

Fake energy in a can, later there will be a crash and burn and hunger pangs. Energy drinks should be outlawed!

SBURDEN Posts: 10,798
1/15/13 2:18 P

I don't bother with them.

PURECOUNTRY29 Posts: 866
1/15/13 2:10 P

they are no good, its better to get the rest you need.

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
1/15/13 2:08 P

Put simply, they're caffeine and/or sugar. All other supposedly 'active' ingredients are either versions of sugar or analogs of caffeine. There is no magic bullet. If you want doses of caffeine or sugar ... there are cheaper alternatives. "Energy" drinks are so freaking expensive, ounce for ounce.

In my first year of grad school I didn't use 'energy drinks,' but I'm surprised I didn't burn a hole in my gut by going through 12oz cans of frozen raspberry black tea 'concentrate' mixed extra strong ... going through a can or two per night.

ALLIBEAR77 SparkPoints: (24,916)
Fitness Minutes: (36,989)
Posts: 76
1/15/13 2:03 P

I don't like the taste of them, so I've never used them. My husband used to drink multiple sugar-free Rockstar drinks every day. They definitely kept him going, but he started to feel "weird" heart symptoms (heart-racing, a sensation of a change in rhythm, etc). He has switched to coffee and feels back to normal. Not that coffee is "healthy"; just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it's good for you, but I think coffee is better than energy drinks.

1/15/13 1:38 P

I never use them. Mostly because of the negative effects they could have on health in general. I rather drink coffee... ;)

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
1/15/13 1:35 P

Usually packed with sugar. I stay away from them

WESTCOASTATHRT SparkPoints: (902)
Fitness Minutes: (870)
Posts: 27
1/15/13 1:31 P

I am addicted to energy drinks I have at least one per day. The boost they give me is like nothing else but I do worry at times about potential negative health effects

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