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11/27/12 3:53 A

Some thoughts that have come to mind:

Are you getting a good amount of sleep?

Are you on any medications which could aggravate the problem? (sleeping meds and some meds for Depression can significantly affect a person like this)

Do you suffer from Depression?

Do you suffer from Sleep Apnea - that is a lot more common than people realize and can result in a lower energy level.

Are you on the go a lot of the time and your mind/body isn't getting relaxation time? (as opposed to sleep time!)

Are you eating a good, healthy balance of food throughout the day, including plenty of protein, good amounts of whole-grains and nut, and fruit/veges into your day as well?

Have you had your bloods done to see if there is something medical going on? (Diabetes, low iron, hypothyroidism are common ones.)

Do you have pain issues? That can affect our energy and sleep.

Are you getting out for some fresh air regularly?

Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

Lack of any exercise can have a negative effect on energy levels.

Hope that is food for thought for you.

For me, if I go out - even just to get my groceries - I tend to be rather fatigued the next day. make that a couple more days in the week that I have to go out, and I am zonked for a day or two after. I had a head injury in a bad accident a few years ago and that affected me in that way.

If the low energy continues it would be beneficial for you to talk with your Dr about it to see what is going in!


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11/27/12 2:50 A

Many factors influence the energy level. The OP seems to be asking about exercise aspect of it.

Until you build a certain level of fitness, it is perfectly normal that you feel very tired. Once you increase your fitness level, everyday tasks will not tire you, so you will feel more energetic. Note, however, that if you push yourself in a workout a lot, it is again perfectly normal that you get very tired. Then you should rest to recover from it even stronger. This is how the fitness is improved, but you can't push yourself all the time. In those times when you are recovering, you will find that you are more energetic.

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11/27/12 2:10 A

Very low due to stress and depression. I am currently in my second week of medication for depression (dislike taking pills for anything) and I am hoping they kick in and work. I am determined to figure out and conquer whatever it is that seems to be holding me back. It also could be that I am pre-menopausel. emoticon

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11/26/12 7:58 P

Fairly low due to stress and too much work.

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 19,111
11/26/12 7:47 P

Mine has been low due to illness and stress......

EHERM03 Posts: 10
11/26/12 7:45 P

I've been having issues with low energy as well, I've been exercising for 4 weeks and still have such a low energy level. I keep waiting for that energy burst everyone talks about getting when you improve your diet and exercise. I did take a look at my diet and my protein intake is low so I'll take your tip and see if increasing my protein intake helps. Thanks for the info. Anymore tips would be greatly appreciated

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11/26/12 6:06 P

Try to adjust your diet so you are getting plenty of protein. I felt the same way, then when I looked at my daily nutrition data, I noticed I was really low on protein. Get some protein powder (lite, no more then 100 calories) or add cottage cheese, meats, and other high protein foods to your diet. It helped me.

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11/26/12 5:29 P

What do you think helps increase your energy level the most? I'm struggling to get to the gym and feel like I want to nap, as I feel tired a lot after gaining a lot of weight.

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