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1/26/14 11:07 P

Yes this is an uphill battle for me at this time. I had just lost 9 lbs in November and since then I have gained either 20 or 25 lbs. leaving me rather disgusted in myself. My original weight in 2007 was 350 lbs and I have worked so hard to get that 110 lbs off, and now I am gaining weight by leaps and bounds. I have no excuses, I feel motivated everyday when I get up and by midnight I am just a wreck all over again. Right now is a new moment, and I spent and hour doing cardio and weight strengthening exercises. So it is definitely a beginning. Thanks so much for replying. Lisa

CHEWYMAMA69 Posts: 718
1/26/14 7:49 A

What has helped me is recognizing I am creating new life patterns not a temporary way of life to lose weight. I will track or journal forever and I am an exerciser. Exercise is not something I have to do. It is a tough mental shift, but it is working for me. emoticon

You recognized your backsliding and now it is onward to success!

We are all Bright Shining Stars capable of great things!
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1/26/14 12:51 A

Hi thanks for the encouragement. I need so badly to get back on track. All I want to do is eat, eat and eat some more. But each moment I have a new chance to change that back to my motivated self. Your words really helped me to want that. Lisa

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1/25/14 4:14 P

The main thing is, you've recognized what the problem is and you are doing something about it.
I know that you will get and stay on track until you reach your goal!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

The only "diet" that works is consistency!


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1/20/14 3:07 P

I have been really screwing up lately. I haven't tracked my food, and when I do, my calories are like 2900 or 3200. eating hi sugar carbs every day, not paying attention to what I eat or why I eat it. I decided to face the music today and tracked my measurements and weight. I have gained 1 pounds since mid November. I now have to lose 95 pounds to get to goal. I went to the gym this morning and did a lot of heavy housework. So I am now back on track. But what a horrible lesson to learn. I know I need to track my food and exercise every day. So now I am newly motivated to try again. Any encouragement will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa

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