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1/1/13 2:10 P

I read "the End of Overeating", which was an interesting book. There's also a documentary available streaming on Netflix called "Hungry for Change"

I do have to say though, I had (and still struggle with) this issue. What really helped me lose the bulk of this weight was talking with a counselor about my issues, and she helped me unravel why I was using food so much to cope. I ended up losing over 70 pounds in the year's time I was talking with her.
Many people want to fix it, but often, they don't get to down to why they ate in the first place..It's probably because in doing so, they may have to confront some difficult issues that they are uncomfortable with, but the reality is if you're using food to cope, then it's important to tackle your issues. That way you don't lose it, then go back to your old ways. People who aren't ready to face their problems head on and deal with them or work towards dealing with them are often not ready to lose weight. I'm not saying that this is the case for everyone, but it was certainly the case for me, and I'm sure it's the case for many.

HINDLEA Posts: 21
1/1/13 12:41 P

I am so glad I found this topic! This is my biggest struggle. I'm good for a few days, then I tank, then I hate myself more, then I start again (every Monday morning it seems).
I am going to read through all of these responses and see if there is something that hits a cord with me.

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12/27/12 2:20 P

I have also read books and gone to over eaters and a therapist and found everyone here is right it can be so many things. I find I fight with depression and I don't look in the mirror and ever think I like me and I was everyones door mat. Over the years I still struggle and know the tools but somedays it is hard to use them. I make excuses because I want to eat and eat and not have to be responsible for the weight just like people drink and do drugs and food is every where and the addiction is there every time i eat. I am trying hard and have set backs that I put there but I get so much from this site when I use it. I am trying to find one thing a day to be really happy about that I did for myself and realize I will never be perfect and I must learn to love the person i am right now.I did learn HALT hungry,angry,lonesome and tired is when it is the worse. I hope I spell this right "archangel" on this site helps so much! I am doing better and hope you find what you need and track that makes me so much better and the exercise tracker makes me want to beat the week befores amount. Good luck

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12/26/12 3:57 P

Hi GETTHERE135 - I can't recommend any books but I CAN recommend that you talk with your Dr and explain what is going on, and what you are wanting to achieve. You could ask that he/she refer you to a Therapist who deals with eating/emotional issues. They will be able to help by helping you to deal with the baggage that has caused this issue, and providing you with the tools to help you get on the right track. Altho' I never had eating issues, I found that the Psychologists I saw for trauma/depression, and later a Counselor I was seeing regarding my late husband's alcohol problem, provided me with a huge amount of support and they helped me immensely.

Good luck,

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12/26/12 3:47 P


I really like Brian Wansink's book titled Mindless Eating. A great read!

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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12/26/12 1:04 P


If you're looking for an excellent book on emotional eating, I highly recommend Susan Kano's book Making Peace with Food. It's a really helpful book/workbook that will help you create a healthier relationship with food. It's been around for years.

I also recommend reading some of the great Spark articles on emotional eating too. have you read any of those ? if not, why not start with these ??

The reason there isn't one good book on emotional eating is because there is no single reason why some people are emotional eaters and some aren't. Ultimately, you could consider therapy. Some times, food isn't the reason we eat. Some other emotion drives us to eat. Which is where a good therapist could help you work through your issues with food.

GETTHERE135 Posts: 242
12/26/12 9:44 A

I didn't know where to post this.... Does anyone have any good suggestions for a book that really delves in to the why we overeat and how to stop misusing food. I have so many books about weight loss (that have all given me weight loss information) and have lost various amounts of weight in my life but always sabotage myself and go back to old habits and gain it back. So I know that it is for lack of diet or exercise knowledge but because my emotional eating and something deeper prevents me from really making it a lifestyle. I have been looking for books and can't seem to find one to fit the bill. I want one to really address what is going on in my mind and why I keep doing this to myself but to be really reader friendly and have an insightful and helpful approach. Any ideas. Thanks?

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