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4/11/13 3:26 P

I struggle with this emotional eating thing too, and it's always the comfort food that sounds the best. I have noticed, though, now that I am actually paying attention, that the next day I feel groggy and crabby.

So happy for you that you were able to analyze the feelings and work out and not go the CF route!! This is why I love SparkPeople, it's helping me deal with stuff I didn't even know were issues!!


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4/11/13 6:37 A

Good for you Fairfax girl. I like the advice everyone gave, and you knew yourself that waiting can change the feelings and sometimes water will make a big difference because thirst can add to the "hunger" feeling You go girl !

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4/11/13 6:31 A

Well done on getting through the craving and relaxing into your workout and enjoying it rather than just dragging yourself through it. Don't deprive yourself of mac and cheese forever, though. If you make it with wholewheat pasta and lower-fat milk/cheese and serve it with a half a plate of veg (steamed broccoli and maybe a carrot salad?) it should be decent-enough workout fuel.

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4/10/13 11:01 P

Thanks everyone! I stayed away from Mac N' Cheese and I feel a lot better for it.
Eating Mac and Cheese wouldn't have made me feel better about anything. I have noticed that if I eat something because I am upset then I end up being more upset by the time I am done eating.

I am going to def take everyones advice!
Working out and drinking water helped me chill and realize I didn't need it.

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4/10/13 9:26 P

I agree with Coach Nancy. Food is fuel. I nearly decided not to work out today because it was a rough day and I was feeling very negative about my work and myself. I wanted to curl up in bed and say good night to the world for about an hour. I decided to bicycle instead, and found that when I thought about my frustrations during the workout, it actually helped to fuel the energy needed to get a good workout done. I find that if I crave something for long enough, it is easier if I eat just a small portion, rather than to deprive myself of it. I've tried deprivation many times, and I always end up giving in, then because I think I've failed, I just lose control. It is okay to have something like that once and a while. You just have to make sure you need the calories and carbs this evening. Check your calorie needs. Also, since Mac and Cheese is a high calorie, high carb, low yield food, it is definitely not the most healthy choice, so be very strict with yourself when it comes to how much you eat of it. I have actually been guilty of consuming almost a whole box a couple of years ago because it is such a low yield food, meaning it is a fast calorie light weight food, it is easy to eat a lot of it. If you find you have a hard time controlling the portion size, then be very careful of deciding to eat it.

Glad to hear you decided to exercise. We both beat that nasty demon today!

KOKIWANEE Posts: 849
4/10/13 8:52 P

Sometimes you want what you want. Eating something else and still craving the mac and cheese just leads to a mac and cheese run later! Doing the elliptical (and drinking some water while your at it!) is a great way to see if it's a craving you can overcome. If you become distracted and forget that you want it, great! If not, there are lots of spark recipes for healthier mac and cheese. Carbs, fat and protein are all needed in a healthy diet, and a single serving of mac and cheese can be OK!

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
4/10/13 8:45 P

Doing something else, first, sounds like a good idea. but give yourself a few more options. Do 30-hour of cardio, and still want to eat something? Drink a glass of water, juice or milk. Wait for 10 minutes and then decide. Still want to? Find something else to do for 10 or 15 minutes.

Honestly, eating the mac and cheese won't help- In fact, it will probably make you feel worse. Why are you discouraged? When you figure out the WHY then you can figure out how to fix it.

Best of luck.

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4/10/13 8:44 P


Food is never a substitution for having to go through the emotions in life. Even if you do make yourself a small serving of mac and cheese, the issues are still there. Food is fuel for your body--it's what sustains us--gives us energy, but the one thing it doesn't do is resolve our issues.

Be strong, you can do this!

Coach Nancy

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4/10/13 8:38 P

I am feeling very discouraged and my first thought is I want mac and cheese.
Realizing I need to lose 100 pounds and feeling down about it isn't going to help. So instead I am opting to run on the eliptical for an hour. If I do an hour and I still want mac and cheese.....Maybe I will make a small amount of it to go with chicken. this a bad idea? Is it just giving in?

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