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SUNSETBREEZE05 Posts: 2,041
8/20/13 10:34 A

Yes, I am.... emoticon

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (236,347)
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8/20/13 8:57 A

I really needed these tips and support this week.
Thanks to you all for your wisdom and honesty.

MAYBER SparkPoints: (120,147)
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8/18/13 12:18 A

You have gotten some great ideas here and hopefully you will be able to apply them to your daily lifestyle
Emotional eating for me is mostly avoided by not having foods in our home that will trigger a binge
Reading a healthy themed article
Getting out of the home for a walk or garden work is great too
Above all forgive self when it does happen it does not define who you are
One day at a time
Love Prayers Peace

MADAMEJEANNE SparkPoints: (67,629)
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8/8/13 8:52 P

Eating large salads has helped me quite a bit because when I feel so full I don't want to put any more in. I also get tired of chewing. emoticon Every morning I start my day with prayer and pick out a favorite Bible verse to meditate on. I have inspirational screen savers on my computer for each month as well. Sometimes I call a friend to talk to or pray with. These things are what have helped me the most this summer.

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
8/8/13 2:09 P

I have a lot of hobbies to relax my mind and control my emotions.

ELAINEANNE1 Posts: 627
8/8/13 2:08 P

I do exercise, I go to the gym and aqua jog at least once a week and I try to go again if possible, I also walk if the weather is suitable(not too hot or raining), it is good for you but I do get depressed at times and don't feel like it.

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
8/8/13 2:06 P

All great ideas on this thread! I also recommend journaling your feelings,etc.....Buy a notebook and write everything down! There are many good articles on this website about journaling with regards to emotional eating....I think they are great! Hang in there....Keep reading, sparking, exercising, journaling,etc.....You will find what works for you! Best wishes on your journey to good health!

JERICHO1991 SparkPoints: (302,771)
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8/8/13 1:25 P

I have to have a substitution for emotional eating: exercise, a fun activity, something to take my mind away from unnecessary eating. Finding substitutes for eating to soothe emotions is key for me.

ELAINEANNE1 Posts: 627
8/8/13 11:03 A

I am a comfort eater but I am doing quite well at the moment, I lost 4 pounds this week emoticon

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (104,845)
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8/8/13 9:27 A

I have found it really helpful to find other activities that help me deal with my emotions besides food. What else can I do besides eat when I'm feeling emotional?

-phone a friend
-go for a walk
-write a blog
-sing out loud to my favorite song
-put on some techno music and dance
-make a list of things I'm grateful for
-get a hug from a friend or family member
-hang out with my cats

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (109,335)
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Posts: 2,485
8/8/13 8:26 A

I'm an emotional girl myself. And chocolate is my fix. I'm hoping after a few more weeks of cardio/yoga I won't want to indulge in chocolate so much.

MAYJUNE2012 SparkPoints: (30)
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8/7/13 12:38 P

Before I would ever think to eat my emotions away I always take a minute to really think about what I am going to do. I ask myself:

"Will this make me happy?"
"Don't you remember how you feel when you finish those cookies?"
"What about your goals?"

By my second question I am already away from the fridge, the third is to just really affirm it. Every day as I eat healthy fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and the like, I always think about it. I ask myself "Doesn't this feel so much better than drinking sodas and eating office donuts?"

You can feel your body feel happy and light when you eat healthy, you just have to remind yourself of the feelings you have when you're on the right track.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/7/13 11:25 A

Practice. It takes lots of practice. Use many techniques, like the previous poster described! And be flexible. And forgive yourself. You are human after all.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (396,257)
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8/7/13 8:21 A

-By allowing my mind and spirit to be equal parts in that three part equation.
-Counter negative thoughts with positive self talk and affirmations
-Get out in nature to shed stress
-Take physical actions (walk, dance, road bike,do yoga,strength train, clean house and yards, tend gardens)
-Play brain games (I like Lumosity)
-Reach out a helping hand to others
-Research and use resources to learn about health of mind, body and spirit
-Keep daily tradition of writing at least 5 things that I appreciate in my life

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KDRICH24 Posts: 267
8/7/13 1:37 A

How do you not allow your emotions to control you?

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