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GIANT-STEPS SparkPoints: (65,408)
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3/8/12 4:29 P

My favorite exercise machine is the lever stepper. I can get my heart rate up and keep it up higher and longer on a stepper than any other machine (I'd love to try a Versaclimber but can't find a gym that has them). Since lever steppers have fallen out of favor (most people line up for the stair mill) I never have to wait for a machine.

3/8/12 4:25 P

I absolutely LOVE the elliptical! It's my favorite machine to use at the gym as it is low impact and it kicks my booty!

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (0)
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3/8/12 4:18 P

i love mine

use it (3) times a week at least

SKINNYMISSKASEY SparkPoints: (114,139)
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3/8/12 1:15 P

I use one daily and love it. I can tell a difference and I sweat like a pig! I put the level on 5 (from 1-10) and resistance on 33 (from 1-100).

RABSFK SparkPoints: (0)
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3/8/12 1:10 P

The elliptical is my "default" workout and I love it! I have an old foot injury, so the impact from running hurts. Definitely play with intervals, but also resistance and on some you can change the height which is nice. Also, on an elliptical, you can move backwards.

Good luck!

GEEKLING Posts: 601
3/8/12 12:27 P

" I must be the only person on earth who can't do the elliptical because it hurts my knees. "

Funny thing that.

My knees used to hurt on the elliptical at home. But that stopped when I changed the position of the handles of all things.

No idea what's going on there. But that's how it worked out. Switched them around so the grips are far apart. No more hurting knees.

(and as an added bonus, I no longer get smacked in the face when looking down to try and see the display.)

3/8/12 11:20 A

I use the elliptical in the gym all the time. Not all machines are created equal, some are better than others. I like to vary the Level and the Resistance. I find the resistance helps a lot with building muscle and that the elliptical works great to keep my butt lifted. I have a lot of junk in the trunk and I refuse to let it droop. I can't do squats due to knee problems and was told with bad knee avoid treadmill (the pulling back action is really bad for knees, if you do use one always do on an incline). I definitely recommend elliptical.

JAMIE_JOHNNJ25 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/8/12 11:08 A

This is great! Thanks so much for all the good feedback! totally solidifies my decision.. and to make things even better i just found a great one on craigslist near me for only $75.. today just keeps getting better and better! SOo0o0 excited to get my weight loss going! Thanks every one and hope you all have an awesome day!

CARLEE992 SparkPoints: (5,901)
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3/8/12 10:51 A

I have lost 20lbs by eating right and using the elliptical 6 days a week for one hour. I know I should be doing strength training also but I haven't incorporated it in to my workouts just yet. The elliptical doesn't hurt my knees like running does and I love the fact that I get to watch t.v. while working out. Good luck!

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BACKATITAMY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/8/12 10:50 A

Glad you posted about this today. I was wondering about an elliptical too but a friend kind of threw me off because she said that your "rear" tends to get bigger at first before it gets smaller on an elliptical. Anyone else ever hear this or experienced this? Thanks.

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
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3/8/12 10:48 A

I'd suggest you do a "free trial membership" at a gym and use their elliptical as much as you can before you purchase one. I must be the only person on earth emoticon who can't do the elliptical because it hurts my knees.

DANSMOMTPM2 Posts: 735
3/8/12 10:43 A

My therapist will not let me do treadmill, only eliptical! They are great! I work up a great sweat but my knees don't hurt. I recommend it highly.

LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
3/8/12 10:38 A

Great mother and father-in-law were just asking about a machine to get that would help them workout. I suggested the eliptical as it is such low impact (f.i.l has had both knees replaced) they questioned the effectiveness of it. I will let them know of others successes.

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
3/8/12 10:35 A

I like mine; it's easier on my knees than a treadmill. I second the good music and interval training.

Fitness Minutes: (5,162)
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3/8/12 10:30 A

I used to run a lot but have developed jumper's knee from other sports that makes it so I can't log too many miles weekly. I use the elliptical to cross train. I definitely think you can work up a good sweat on the elliptical. Here are some things I do to make it more interesting/intense:

* Good upbeat music is key to help make the time go by
* Remind yourself to keep your abs and arms engaged. That way you'll make it a full body workout.
* Try intervals of 2 minutes slow then 1 minute fast or 2 minutes low resistance then 1 minute higher resistance. It's a great way to up the intensity without over doing it.

BRAVEHEART4ME Posts: 2,005
3/8/12 10:18 A

The elliptical is my main source of exercise and I love it! I typically burn about 650 calories for a 45 minute workout. I've had both my hips replaced and find this machine really works for me.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,288
3/8/12 10:14 A

Any kind of cardio activity that gets your heart rate up and challenges you is effective. Just be sure to vary your routine regularly (since your body gets used to doing the same thing in the exactl same way all the time). I'd also recommend total body strength training 2-3 times per week (not just core workouts).

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

JAMIE_JOHNNJ25 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 31
3/8/12 9:51 A

Hey. i have been off spark people for the longest.. due to a insurance snaffoo, i was off my medication to control my polycyctic symptoms and gained about 20 lbs back.. so i was feeling really down and discouraged. BUT.. im back on them now and ready to get started losing the weight again and working hard towards my goal of losing 60-70 lbs.

Question though.. i am buying an elliptical for a few reasons. 1) cheaper then a treadmill 2) smaller then a treadmill for my small apartment 3) i have bad knees and back stemming from an accident in 09'.... my question though is am i wasting my money? How effective is the work out on ellipticals with losing weight.. i mean im not expecting miracles. i know i have a long road ahead of me.. but how realistic is lets say, 30 lbs by october using the elliptical (and of course diet and in conjunction with some core work outs)... Any success stories with the elliptical will help!

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