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1/1/13 6:53 A

Whatever you do DON'T buy a NEW piece of equipment. There are dozens of used elliptical machines on Craig's List and at Play It Again Sports. I saved more than $600 on mine and it was practically brand new.

By the way, I have a Health-Rider brand machine. The stride is adjustable and it's one of the best home machines on the market.

One other piece of advice. Make sure it fits into the room before you buy it. They take up a lot more room than you think.

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12/31/12 11:22 P

Number one deal is to make sure that it FITS your STRIDE other wise you will soon tire of it and it will not get used - I've been hunting for one since 2006 and have yet to find a home based one that fits my stride, all the ones I've tried out so far feel blasted wrong and just make my back hurt to much - the pro ones I've tried work great, but their size makes it impossible to put it where it needs to go (in our basement, so up a flight of stairs and down a flight of stars).

I've found a few treadmill which would have been ideal for what I'm needing but once again getting it in to the home became the issue - to heavy to get it home and to costly to get them to deliver it once they learn that its not a simple deal (aka house not an apt)

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12/31/12 7:39 P

Hey guys! In the market for an elliptical and was wondering if anyone has personal experience with an at home one. I was looking at the Horizon Fitness EX-57 elliptical trainer, seems to have good reviews on Amazon and most importantly it is in my price range of $499.99. TIA! Happy New Year!!

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