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LAURUMZ Posts: 121
2/3/13 9:37 P

I like to lift my feet off of the paddle every once in a while. Basically when it's in the up position, lift your foot a bit higher than the paddle and then put it back down, making contact with the paddle as it gets to the lowest position. Doing this a few times every couple minutes prevents my toes from getting tingly.

2/3/13 8:53 P

Thanks Coach Nancy I am breaking in a new machine too

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2/3/13 8:06 P

Are you shoes too tight. If I tie my laces tight, it sometimes happens to me. T try lifting my feet more.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/3/13 6:22 P

The same thing can happen on a bike. It's just the constant pressure on the nerves on the bottom of the foot. When walking or running they get a small reprieve with every step. :)

Try getting off and doing 10 jumping jacks every 3 minutes.

Deb, in New Zealand
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2/3/13 5:49 P

Hi Laura,

This is very common due to the fact that the foot tends to be in a stationary position for so long. A few things you may want to try is shifting your weight from time to time, go backwards (if that is an option with your elliptical), tying your shoes loosely. You may even want to stop for a few minutes, but many times the more frequently you use the machine your body will adapt and you will no longer feel that sensation.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

HOTMOMMA0424 Posts: 59
2/3/13 5:40 P

I like doing the elliptical because I feel like I'm gettin my workout but after ten minutes of it my feet strt to burn n then kinda feel like they are asleep n when I get off the elipitcal they tingle like they are waking up does anybody know what causes this or what helps with this

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