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12/30/12 9:17 A

I agree that you need to get a good one if you're going to invest the money. My gym buddy bought one for her house and has had nothing but problems with it, including being thrown off the thing when it froze on her!

MRMRMMR Posts: 5,152
12/30/12 5:30 A

bit late but personally unless you can buy a gym quality made one you are better off with a cheapish exercise bike. know someone who brought a cross trainer for around £400 last jan they got a refund in March!

12/29/12 11:22 P

I'm looking at the Proform 1400 RE. GDANE2, have you had any problems with yours? I like this one because of the ability to change the incline on the fly. The salesclerk said they dropped some of the other brands because of the tendency to break. They don't have that problem with the Proform. It is currently on sale and there is an additional 20% off promotion. The price is too good to pass up if it is a good machine. Thanks for the info.

CAT-IN-CJ Posts: 4,857
11/18/12 9:21 P

I'm not sure which brand ours is but be sure it adjusts to fit you before you get it.
As others have said, try it out first.

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11/18/12 5:54 A

We bought a Proform. We went to a big athletic store and tried out all before deciding. Each one felt different, and some didn't feel like they fit me. We then researched models we liked and reviews. One we bought were very happy with.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (75,852)
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11/18/12 4:40 A

Typically you get what you pay for. Some machines are for heavy use by gym subscribers, and they tend to be very sturdy but very expensive too. If the only user will be you and your family, those machines would be overkill.

I would look at the reviews at and make a decision based on those reviews.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
11/17/12 11:56 P

I would take a look at the elliptical machine you are currently working out on. What features does it have that you like, don't like, want? I'd also look up the technical specs on it to help guide your decision. Then go try some out in the store.

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11/17/12 2:07 P

Can anyone help me with a recommendation for an elliptical trainer? I've been looking but there are SO many choices. My budget is around $1000. I read that rear drive units are better, articulating pedals and electromagnetic breaking systems seem to be the way the design standard is moving. I would love to hear some opinions! Thanks!

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