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TILLIE24 Posts: 3
3/26/12 11:27 A

Thank you all for your input! Luckily the power cord was found and so everything works now. I'm really excited to get it home in a couple days.

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3/25/12 12:28 A

Some ellipticals have a powered cross ramp and resistance as well as a digital display. The one I use is powered and I would be stuck at whatever setting it was on last if the power didnt work, but i know many are fixed or adjusted manually. I would look into this first, and if you need to order 1, look up the company online, call and tell them what you need and find out the cost/availability. Good luck! I don't know what I would do without an elliptical.

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3/24/12 8:55 P

maybe for the digital display

ASH7898 Posts: 12
3/24/12 8:21 P

I have an elliptical that works on body motion. I wouldn't think a power cord would be a big deal.

TILLIE24 Posts: 3
3/24/12 7:59 P

Hi! I've never used an elliptical so I have no idea if I'm asking an extremely silly/obvious question, but oh well...won't know until I ask right? :) Anyway, I have the opportunity to buy a used (but still in good shape) Proform XP 730 SpaceSaver elliptical machine...but I was told there was no power cord and I'd have to order that that a big deal? I'm checking it out in a couple days, but I was just wondering if the no power cord situation was a big deal and what is the power cord for anyway? I thought ellipticals kind of worked like stationary bikes in the way that they are human powered. I'm confused. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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