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4/5/12 6:58 P

Clearly you can't trust the machine. As other posters mentioned, a good heart rate monitor is an excellent investment in one's health, and for cardio workout, it is hard to get a better estimate than that of a good heart rate monitor.

Lacking that, I would guess that you probably burned about 400-450kCals.

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4/5/12 5:46 P

The ellipticals at the gym do not allow you to input any information. I believe the machine is giving me a lower number than i am actually burning. But i do not think i am burning as much as the SP tracker says.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (78,390)
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4/5/12 4:42 P

What input have you provided the machine with? SP is overestimating by 20% according to my heart rate monitor when I work out at an average 135bpm, they coincide at an average heart rate of about 150bpm.

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4/5/12 4:28 P

I find Spark's estimates for the elliptical vastly outrageous.

I compared to the machine and my HRM and found that for me personally, the machine was reporting slightly lower than my HRM, and Spark was reporting significantly higher.

Your best bet is the HRM. But if you don't have one, then always take the lower estimate. You can manually enter your calories on Spark.

I wish they'd remove that elliptical entry - it's just so far wrong it's amazing - it's simply unrealistic.

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4/5/12 3:40 P

Maybe, maybe not. It's hard to estimate the calories you burn without the use of a heart rate monitor with a chest strap, and even that can be only an estimate. When I have two numbers that don't agree, I split the difference.

If your heart range was consistently high, it's possible you could burn that much; it's also possible that the estimate was too high.

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4/5/12 3:14 P

i have been using the elliptical trainer at the gym quite a bit lately because of an issue with my leg. When i put the workout into the fitness tracker it gives me a very high number for calories burned. It is telling me during 40 minute workout i would burn 562 cals! the machine it self was telling me i burnt about 225 cals. I know everybody is different and burns calories different, but it 562 reasonable? I weigh 197 lbs and the 40 minute workout was moderate-to-intense. Thanks for the help!

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