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12/2/09 2:48 P

That's what I was afraid of. Unfortunately, we don't have any spare rooms, other than the basement, and our garage is detached and not heated, and it gets pretty darn cold around here in the winter. So a shed wouldn't work, either. I think we may just have to go with a recumbent bike.

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12/1/09 12:58 P

A 6 and 1/2 foot ceiling is really low and consequently I don't think you will find any machine that will work in that environment. So my suggestion is to look for another place to put it. How about a garage, spare bedroom, or even a shed?

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12/1/09 11:31 A

We have a NordicTrack AudioStriderâ„¢ 990 Elliptical in our basement. The ceiling in our basement can't be any higher than yours. My hubby is 5'8" and has no trouble.

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12/1/09 11:25 A

I'm hoping someone here can help us!

We really want to get an elliptical trainer for my husband, who works long hours and doesn't have time to get to a gym. He loves the elliptical trainer, and we just bought one for our basement, and then realized that there wasn't enough headroom for him when he's standing on the machine (fortunately, we realized this before it was delivered and assembled!). It was a Nordic Track, a really nice model that went on sale at Sears last Saturday.

Our basement is 6 and 1/2 feet high, and my husband and I are both right around 5' 6". Anyone else have this same problem? Can anyone recommend a low-profile elliptical trainer for us to try?

Our only other option is to go out with a measuring tape and try every single trainer out there, and we have very little time to do that between his work hours and being the parents of a two-year-old.

If we can't find one, we'll probably end up getting a recumbent bike, but I'm hoping maybe someone here can help us!

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