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BFMONICA Posts: 1,624
11/10/14 11:14 P

I'm up to fifteen minutes on the elliptical. Maybe next week I'll challenge myself to increase my time.
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99JEEPNUT SparkPoints: (17,930)
Fitness Minutes: (15,248)
Posts: 11
10/7/14 12:16 P

"12/01/2010- Guess the Elliptical tracker isn't going to be updated hey?"

It appears not BUT you can trick Spark by misspelling elliptical - just enter it as elliptical with one L (eliptical) and you can enter the time and number of calories burned manually.

DQUEENS Posts: 19
11/21/13 8:59 A

I do the arc trainer too but SP doesn't have it as one of their options. Always have to enter manually. :-(

It always make me wonder though - before my back injury, I used to run 5k/6 days a week. Sometimes on a treadmill, sometimes outside. On the treadmill it said I burned about 350 cal for 30 min (at ~6.2 mi/hr) and it felt hard (by the end I was drenched in sweat and out of breath)! Now that I cannot run any more, I do the arc trainer and it still says that I burnt 350 cal for 30 min but it feels A LOT easier than running. I do break a sweat but I am definitely not out of breath. I am certainly not getting the same cardio effect as running. SO, how is this possible that both workouts for the same duration burn the exact same calories? Does the arc trainer really burn as many calories as a 30 min run at 6.2 mi/hr? or was the treadmill I used underestimating?

KARAK523 SparkPoints: (5,830)
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Posts: 156
11/20/13 6:23 P

Arc trainer!! Tougher than the elliptical.

JOANBRESLIN SparkPoints: (11,674)
Fitness Minutes: (24,636)
Posts: 211
11/19/13 6:34 P

love ellipitical

BELLYDANCER19 SparkPoints: (19,358)
Fitness Minutes: (26,141)
Posts: 111
11/19/13 5:06 P

i usually have a lot of resistance with the elliptical the tracker on here says i am only burning like 260 for half an hour my elliptical says around 400 usually i am pretty sure my elliptical is more accurate as i can put in my weight and such and check my heart rate. also if i compare the difficulty to what i do on the elliptical to other things i do the sp tracker just doesn't seem to add up.

KBEAN450 Posts: 22
11/19/13 2:19 P

12/01/2010- Guess the Elliptical tracker isn't going to be updated hey?

AMYPEARL1 Posts: 5
1/25/13 12:02 P

I just started using sparkpeople this week. I'm used to a large discrepancy between the calories the elliptical says I burned, eg 450, vs. what my heartrate monitor says, 260, but the sparkpeople exercise tracker reports even higher. Is there any way to change what the tracker reports? Thanks!

GLUECIPHER Posts: 1,329
9/8/12 9:07 A

eliptical is my go to machine.

SUSAN2901 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (300)
Posts: 3
9/2/12 2:33 P

Thanks for your reply. But, no worries! I do weight training as well. I am working the weights (about 12 different machines/Natilus type), at the minimal 3 x a week and I life my little 3 lb hand weights at home. In addition to my elliptical cardio, I'm also walking on the treadmill. I know it sounds like I'm overdoing it, maybe I am? But, I do eat veggies/fruit/whole grains and protein and my BMI is excellent, not below normal, not overweight, it's on the lower end of normal for my weight and height, so at 51 yrs old, I think I'm going to say, 'you're not doing 1/2 bad', to myself. Sure, I could always do better and I will need to eventually find another exercise so that my body doesn't stagnate and get too used to what I'm doing. But, for now, it works. Actually, my liver doc (yes I have a chronic liver disease-not alcohol related), told me that the elliptical is the best piece of equipment to work out on.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,258)
Fitness Minutes: (15,537)
Posts: 9,713
9/2/12 1:30 P

Hi Susan! Welcome to Sparkpeople! It's not really wasting your time if you're doing over a certain amount. The thing is, if you can do something for an hour and a half... you're not really challenging yourself! Burning more calories isn't necessarily better, because to support that activity, you need to eat more. Basically, if you're burning thousands of calories a week, you'll still end up with the same deficit at the end of the week. More isn't better. :)

All that cardio has another side effect you haven't thought of.

When you're burning that many calories, you're also burning lean muscle, AS WELL as fat! In order to offset that, it's really important that you strength train adequately to preserve that lean muscle. It'll also improve your performance on the elliptical, and help you burn more calories at rest.

As a fellow depression sufferer whose symptoms have vastly improved thanks to exercise, I'm certainly not going to tell you to stop. I think you can get the same benefits in *less* time with more intensity, but honestly? I think that if you're enjoying what you're doing, supporting that activity with proper nutrition, and taking care of yourself, I see no problem with what you're doing.

HOLLYM48 Posts: 18,068
9/2/12 11:03 A

I do harder workouts on the elliptical as well and I tend to believe my elliptical for calories burned when I am at the harder levels.

SUSAN2901 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (300)
Posts: 3
8/30/12 8:33 A

I am new (today) to Spark People and I don't know if I'm picking the right place to 'jump in', but here goes. I work out daily at the gym on the elliptical. I know that there are some people who say, "don't do too many hours at once or you'll burn out your muscles" or "you're wasting your time if you do more than 45 min at a time"..., I've heard all these comments. With that being said, I choose, for myself to burn more calories and to have a hardier work-out while I'm there. I'm of the school of thought, 'what about marathon runners, what about people training for the Olympics, what about the teachers of exercise classes??' do they just stick with working out for 45 min a day? Anyhow, I also do stretching and do the weights 3 x a week and the treadmill, so I feel like I'm not JUST doing elliptical. I have been burning approx. 400-450 cal in 35 min. on my 1st run on elliptical, then, I get off go on a 2nd turn for approx. 300 cal., then if I can sign on for a 3rd run (at my gym they limit you to 30 min. per machine w/a 5 min cool down, so I have to get off and get back on another machine), then I do another 300-350 cal on the 3rd run. I am not underweight, but I am fit and my health has improved tremendously and it helps my depression more than taking any antidepressant drug ever has. So, I ask, is this a problem?

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
8/8/12 3:59 P

Eventually I will invest in good heart rate monitor with a chest strap, that will give me the best answer.
Thank you for replying.

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
Fitness Minutes: (64,745)
Posts: 748
8/8/12 11:56 A

I know this is an older post but I thought I'd add a comment. I haven't been on the site long but I've been tracking my workout since I started. I noticed the differences as well. It's weird that the elliptical trainer on here is overestimated where as the calories burned on other machines is underestimated. I did find that if I walked at 3.0 or 3.5 mph for 5 minutes with no incline at all, that the differences in calories burned were minimal.

It would be nice if the elliptical trainer had the same options as the treadmill. The issue I have had with the treadmill and the options for the site is that it doesn't seem to give a wider range of options for speed. Oh well, I guess the overestimation on the elliptical and underestimation on the treadmill and stationary bike (and recumbant bike) all average itself out.

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
9/6/11 1:29 A

Your elliptical trainer may be more accurate. SP measures based on weight, gender and time. Your trainer also measures in the speed and intensity level, at level 1 you will burn a lot less than you would at a much higher intensity and speed.

9/5/11 7:42 P

My elliptical says I burned about 240 calories and SP says 400. I'm not losing any weight! What gives?

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
8/1/11 11:35 P

Yes it is!

DWROBERGE Posts: 348,710
7/31/11 11:59 P

greatest machine for exercising!

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
7/30/11 8:31 P

I found a huge discrepancy in what Spark says I burned (elliptical trainer) and what the trainer says. It's about 300-400 calories per session, with Spark being on the higher end. I know the cardio machines can overestimate calorie burn by 50% or more so I just plug in the fitness tracker the time spent and don't pay any attention to the red warning on the bottom of the page emoticon

DOROTHYLEE61 SparkPoints: (153)
Fitness Minutes: (20,644)
Posts: 5,582
7/28/11 8:02 P

I burned 600 calories in 30 mins..

SHADOZA SparkPoints: (204,382)
Fitness Minutes: (224,379)
Posts: 7,959
7/27/11 1:05 P

I would like to see drag considered as well. I can crank the resistance (drag) up to 10, but reporting calories is guess work. I usually change my drag after a set time, so a standard would be difficult. If there were a calculator or formula to figure calorie burns gauged by heart rate...

BROWN64 SparkPoints: (21,857)
Fitness Minutes: (19,087)
Posts: 430
7/22/11 8:34 A

Great suggestion!!! I hope they can do it.

7/21/11 7:30 A

Yeah! I'd like that too! Especially since my (and I would guess a lot of elliptical trainers) lets you add resistance. I would like to see more options for the Elliptical Trainer, the way you have them for the treadmill! emoticon

FIREMAN365 Posts: 61
12/2/10 11:31 A

I like to wear a Polar heart rate monitor that can track my weight and heart rate and calculates my calories burned that way. Then I add that manually to the exercises. The monitor lets you set what your target heart rate is so you know if your working to hard or to little.

BAILEYSMOM4 Posts: 407
12/1/10 8:12 A

Yay! Thanks so much!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,434
12/1/10 7:50 A

I'll pass along your request!


Coach Jen

BAILEYSMOM4 Posts: 407
12/1/10 7:06 A

Is there any way for spark to put in more options on the calories burned on the elliptical? I do intervals and I know I'm burning more calories than if I was just doing level 1. My elliptical's calories burned is a lot different than this sites but its probably because I can't enter my weight on mine. I would think it could be calculated like walking or cycling?

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