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2/5/13 9:09 P

Thank You so much.It is a new machine at home.Love it! emoticon
Thank You for the link too!

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2/5/13 8:52 P


Machines, especially those at a gym which are used by many people and may not be maintained, carry a high margin of error (by as much as 20%) for calories burn, especially if you do not plug in your parameters--weight and age. That being said, calories expended calculators--whether on a machine, heart rate monitor use an algorithm to determine calories burn, so it is just an estimate of calories burns--anything outside a laboratory setting is just an estimate. So be careful that you don't just choose the one that gives you the highest number.

That being said, you can manually enter in your exercise and calories burn by clicking on the "Enter Your Own Exercise" Link on your Fitness tracker.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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2/5/13 8:52 P

I'd average SP's number and the machine's. even if you enter your weight, machines are not the most reliable, either.

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2/5/13 8:37 P

I have been using the Elliptical and I LOVE IT!So I decided to start coming back to sparkpeople to really watch my calorie intake and staying on top of things.So I logged in my fitness minute for the Elliptical and it gave me the total different number of calories burned on here compared of what the machine gave me.Is there something that I can do to change my calories burned on here.I actually burned 555 calories due to the different levels I did.How do I go about doing that?
Thank You!

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