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8/30/13 2:31 P

Your elliptical should have a program that lets you input your weight which will change the calories burned. The more you weigh the more you burn. I assume the fitness tracker is more accurate as it goes by your current weight which reminds me that I need to change my weight on my elliptical. Your height, the resistance level, the height of the pedals, etc. will alter the calories burned. There is a lot of variability.

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8/30/13 12:32 P

I enter the details on my Fitbit log and then sync it to Sparkpeople. I can also do the reverse. Sparkpeople (manually) first then Fitbit. I prefer Fitbit for my numbers because it's more accurate. Hope this helps.

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4/23/13 7:26 P

I take all these readings of calories burned with a very big grain of salt! They are all just estimates so I just manually enter the calories indicated on the elliptical and go about my business.

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4/22/13 9:14 P

I manually add mine because like many people, I use a program that allows me to enter my weight, sex, and age and it tracks my heart rate throughout different routines. HOWEVER, I don't use what my machine says either, I always take the average of what my machine says and what SP Fitness Tracker says and go with that to be safe. If I burn more calories in real life, so be it. I'd rather log a few less than wonder why if I'm burning so many calories my clothes aren't fitting looser faster.

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4/14/13 3:00 P

You can manually enter the 350 calories by creating a manual input into your fitness tracker.

All sites and machines estimate. Spark recently changed their elliptical figures to be more realistic for overweight individuals. It may have had a consequence of dropping their numbers for lower weight people. As you note, you can't enter resistance level or speed, so the figure is purely an averaged out estimate, and you personally may easily exceed it (others may have difficulty achieving that on their elliptical).

So if you feel the figure isn't accurate for you, don't use it. Use the manual entry.

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4/13/13 6:31 P


Machine calculations can be skewed especially if the machines are not maintained and calibrated on a regular basis. Remember calories burn is based on the amount of oxygen one consumes in relation to large muscle activation which leads to an elevation of one's heart rate. But remember too all the other great benefits exercise offers our bodies--such as

-Increases lung capacity
-Increases immunity fighting immunoglobulins
-Increases mood due to an increase in mood-enhancing chemicals-serotonin, dopamine and nor-epinepherine
-Builds lean muscle mass and bone mass=decrease risk of osteporosis
-Lowers blood pressure, heart rate and stronger heart
-Over time your risk for cardio-vascular disease and type II diabetes falls
-Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) levels
-Increases in HDL (good cholesterol) levels
-Lowers triglycerides
-Your runs, walks and other exercises become easier
-Cuts in your cancer risk
-You feel better and have more energy
-You feel younger and more confident
-Improves posture
-Increases self-esteem
-Helps with sleep
-Controls stress
- Increases the volume of your muscle mitochondria which leads burning more carbs and fats
-Doubles your muscles ability to use oxygen, therefore, you are better able to use fat as an energy source

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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4/13/13 5:15 P

I'm inputting elliptical exercise in my fitness tracker, and for 30 minutes, it says I burned 230 calories. I'm a bit confused about this considering a) the machine read 350 calories, and b) other websites estimate closer to the machine's read. I know exercises machines aren't 100% accurate, but I'm confused about how the difference here could be so large. Furthermore, I add quite a bit of extra resistance when using the elliptical, and the tracker doesn't offer ways to indicate this added difficulty, which I'm assuming would burn more calories, right? What should I do?

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