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CATLADY21 Posts: 1,947
1/14/09 12:11 P

If you have joined a gym, they should have trainers available to give you advise. I would take advantage of any of the employee's for advise.

YMYSELF Posts: 794
1/14/09 11:28 A

I do the elliptical first and then the strength training for the butt and thighs.

YMYSELF Posts: 794
1/14/09 11:27 A

Here are a few thigh and butt exercises I do (even when it starts to burn, I keep going - I'm in a pool of sweat! LOL): 4 reps of 25
Leg Lifts on Hands & Knees
ThighMaster Gold (Inner Thighs)
ThighMaster LBX (Outer Thighs & Butt)
Hamstring Flexion with Ball
Lying Abduction
Lying Adduction
Lying Hamstring Curls with Ball
Wide Leg Squats with Dumbbell

SCRAPPER77 Posts: 283
1/14/09 11:19 A

I also just joined a gym and I like to mix it up. I will usually do 20 minutes on treadmill, then do 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 min on the bike. Sometimes I will sub the circuit training for one of those cardios!

TOBEME09 Posts: 65
1/14/09 11:06 A

What other strength training are doing for your butt and thighs? That is my problem areas and I can't seem to get them to shrink. I've been using the treadmill and doing The Firm Body and Muscle Sculpting DVDs. I tried the elliptical but I can only a a couple of minutes because my thighs start to burn.

JOANIE194 Posts: 53
1/14/09 10:51 A

I have recently joined a gym and have been on the treadmill everyday, started 30 minutes and working my way, after a few days have inclined to 7 %.I keep looking over at the elliptical with interest and fear that I will make a fool out of myself. Any suggestions on starting a daily routine?

BETHANYBOO Posts: 2,006
1/14/09 10:45 A

The elliptical hasn't really affected my butt. All of my cardio has made my butt a little smaller but that's only because I lost weight all over.

YMYSELF Posts: 794
1/14/09 9:25 A

That's my problem area: the butt and thighs.
So I have been doing the elliptical for 2 months and noticed that my butt is getting firmer and rounder and my thighs are more toned.
I am doing additional strength training targeting my butt and thighs after using the elliptical.

1/13/09 7:38 P

i assumed as so that it would "just" be belly and hips. that is what i really want to get rid of
im short and thats my prob area

ONG3466 Posts: 481
1/13/09 7:10 P

Nothing will make you lose fat from just your hips and belly, you will lose fat all over.

And as for the elliptical and my butt, I think it made mine smaller (but I think all cardio will make your butt a little smaller because you lose fat and tone up). My butt has lifted a little though, maybe from the way the elliptical works your thighs?

1/13/09 6:55 P

how about...does the elliptical help you lose baby fat your trying to loose from your belly and hips....sigh..i have been doing it and im so impatient. something that i cant get instant gratification from...i have a YMCA membership and havent been going daily so i have been doing the elliptical. i hope im not wasting my time...

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
Fitness Minutes: (39,981)
Posts: 2,322
1/13/09 6:19 P

Lol - yeah, not getting on it for 2 years sure made MY butt a lot bigger!

1/13/09 6:14 P

Logically, NOT getting on the elliptical will make your butt bigger than using the elliptical...


-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
Fitness Minutes: (39,981)
Posts: 2,322
1/13/09 6:10 P

My toes used to go numb every time I used the elliptical, but I try to concentrate on keeping my weight on my heels now and it helps a lot.
The other thing that really helps, is use a shoe size one size bigger for the elliptical and make sure you tighten the ankles of your shoes so they don't slip forward during the exercise.

And no, it doesn't give you a big butt. My experience in the past is that it makes it sleeker and shapely.

1/13/09 6:05 P

the elliptical is a standard for and I think my butt got smaller but in the ways a girl could want... if that males sense.. haha either way I've seen great results

WISKERSLARUE SparkPoints: (61)
Fitness Minutes: (1,837)
Posts: 86
1/13/09 5:53 P

I'm so glad you said that! I might be standing wrong too! My toes also go numb sometimes. Anyone know how to fix that?

2BAHOTTIE Posts: 187
1/13/09 5:53 P

Are you wearing good shoes with treads when you do it? That will help your feet keep their grip.

JENNYSILK Posts: 461
1/13/09 5:48 P

I love the elliptical but I'm afraid that I might be standing wrong. I try and stand straight. My feel always go to the front even if I start with them in the back. Is there a wrong way to stand?.... oh and I can feel the burn in my butt too but I don't think it makes it any bigger.

BECKY_W Posts: 179
1/13/09 5:04 P

I do the elliptical everyday and I'm sad to say that I still do not have a butt! It firms overall, but has not given me the perfect butt that I dream of :)

JONEIL513 Posts: 2,001
1/13/09 3:56 P

the elliptical does work your butt muscles but in my experience it made it firmer and gave it a lift emoticon

1/13/09 3:49 P

I am blessed with a big I also have an elliptical and my butt have not gotten bigger. Thank goodness for that. I do know from personal experience that the stair stepper does cause your butt to get bigger.It was more rounder. The elliptical only trims. It depends on your range of motion on the backside. the elliptical is similiar to jogging but in the air. Or doing knee high raises.

TEVA2000 Posts: 600
1/13/09 3:47 P

Any exercise that works muscles has the potential to increase the muscle size. If you are worried about it, as I am, then I recommend keeping the resistance low, and if it has incline, keeping it flat.

YMYSELF Posts: 794
1/13/09 2:51 P


2BAHOTTIE Posts: 187
1/13/09 2:18 P

Not really. It is a cardio machine. It will make you leaner all over. It will help you tighten and slim your butt. I would be so jealous of you if you got one. They are much better than a treadmill in my opinion.

Edited by: 2BAHOTTIE at: 1/13/2009 (14:25)
YMYSELF Posts: 794
1/13/09 1:50 P

So it will not increase the muscles in the butt?

2BAHOTTIE Posts: 187
1/13/09 1:46 P

I had one and it made my butt smaller, rounder, and tighter. Looooved it! Best damn machine you could have! Had to sell mine because we moved to a smaller apartment :(

MUSLIMAH05 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,557)
Posts: 330
1/13/09 1:40 P

The elliptical works your muscles in that area so some people have noticed a lift. I don't think I was say it's bigger. Just more defined.

YMYSELF Posts: 794
1/13/09 1:37 P

Does the Elliptical make your butt bigger?
I have been searching for articles about this and haven't found any answers.

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