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MAQUEEN13 SparkPoints: (11,009)
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2/3/11 7:34 A

I don't use them. I'm short and it isn't comfortable for my shoulders. I've already had on rotator cuff worked on and want avoid going through it again.

SHOOPC1 Posts: 101
2/3/11 12:36 A

I notice a huge difference in the workout on the days that I have a much higher resistance set. On my high resistance days my arms definitely get a good workout! The higher the resistance, the harder it is on your arms as well as your legs.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/2/11 11:34 P

Yes that's part of the workout.

You can assist the movement of the entire machine by pushing and pulling on those bars. A full body movement is always going to burn more calories than a legs-only movement.

However, I find a 'running' arm action much more comfortable and I don't think my HRM gives much difference. I'm not sure I've directly compared that to using the arms.

FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
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2/2/11 4:21 P

Sorry my original post wasn't clear! I mean the bars that move. Are they supposed to be part of the workout because they dont seem to add anything to it. I dont really see the point in them.

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/2/11 1:03 P

Whoah, hang on ... is the original question about the vertical bars that you're supposed to use while using the machine, or the small bars in the centre that people rest on?

Some of the responses seem to suggest the moving bars that are part of how the machine works. Which are not "resting", they're the hard work part, they're how it works. I thought you meant the little bars in the middle that you can rest on and lean on.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,009
2/2/11 9:22 A

I use an elliptical with handle bars that move in time with the footpedals.

What I do is alternate between working my legs hard and then working my arms hare doing intervals.

The only time I leave go of the handle bars is during the cooldown at the end. I then just use my legs and concentrate on keeping my balance for the last few minutes. I find this also works my core

IFFUR77 Posts: 556
2/2/11 8:58 A

my handles are not stationary so i like to pump my upper body with my lower body while contracting my abs great workout

MEANCARLEEN SparkPoints: (0)
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2/2/11 8:55 A

I do or dont depends on how I feel, how fast I am moving

MLAN613 Posts: 18,223
2/2/11 8:49 A

I think the handle bars help get my whole body more engaged. They are not for resting or leaning but engaging the body. I do agree that they don't replace strength training.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (189,224)
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2/2/11 5:54 A

for balance, not for leaning.

It's the treadmill where you are really negating calorie burn by holding on.

Some people believe that using the handlebars vigorously can replace an upper body strength training session, and that of course is very misguided.

BETS44057 Posts: 2,421
2/2/11 5:44 A

YOu burn more calories without using them...frankly I have to alternate....better than sitting in a chair.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/2/11 4:09 A

They're there for rest - sometimes when you work hard you want to rest for a bit. If you're doing intervals you might use them on the 'down' period. And some people prefer to work just their legs.

Basically yes, you get a better workout utilising your whole body through using the arm handles rather than resting on the handlebars. But just because that's true doesn't mean they shouldn't be there or have no legitimate purpose. :)

Just try to use them less yourself, so you get a better workout.

Personally, I like to do neither and leave my hands free. My arms pump like running. Others I know have found this extremely difficult to do as it requires more balance. Try that and see how you get on.

FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
Fitness Minutes: (22,545)
Posts: 1,342
2/2/11 3:34 A

When using this machine do you guys hold onto the handlebars or not?

I read somewhere that by doing so, you are not getting as good a workout as you would by not holding onto them. In this case whats the point in them?

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