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1/26/13 6:13 P

You need to make her activities functional and not call it exercise. She is much more pragmatic and wants to do what she see's serves a purpose. Most elderly people feel that exercise is a "lesson in futility". I work with the elderly every day and see that when you ask them to do something that is meaningful to them they are much more likely to participate. We are all like that is some ways! Good luck and god bless her!

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1/26/13 6:10 P

If you visit a couple of times a week, perhaps the physical therapist will recommend some chair exercises you could work with her on. She may be more inclined to work on them if you're with her.

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1/26/13 5:54 P

My mom is 85 and all she does is sit in a wheelchair. She is losing all of her muscles. She gets physical therapy, but she doesn't do the exercise after that. We meet with the nursing home and they say if she doesn't start moving, she will get blood clots, won't be able to stand, get pneumonia. It is very said watching her waste away. When I exercise, I feel so much better. She says that she doesn't feel better when she exercise. What happens to the elderly when they exercise? Does it just make them tired? Do they not build strength or muscles?

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