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FLAGLINDA Posts: 501
8/25/13 12:20 A

Thank you everyone. I am going to use them along with the pool and the weights just to keep things interesting. Thank you all for your help emoticon

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,427
8/24/13 8:02 P

I agree with Zorbs - resistance bands are strength training.

But given you are already doing cardio at the pool, the next thing to add to your exercise program SHOULD be strength training, rather than more cardio.

Any good exercise program includes BOTH ST and cardio, rather than relying on just one or the other. So go for the bands as your next exercise related purchase.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,276
8/24/13 6:17 P

Biking and walking are also low impact. The best "no-impact" activity would be water exercise.

Coach Jen

FLAGLINDA Posts: 501
8/24/13 4:20 P

Thank you ZORBS. Do you have any suggestions for non impact cardio that can be done at home?. I have an elliptical trainer but it hurts my knees to much to use it for more that 5 mins

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (188,966)
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Posts: 15,733
8/24/13 3:57 P

it's strength training.

FLAGLINDA Posts: 501
8/24/13 2:19 P

Does using the elastic bands count as cardio or is it strength training? I would like to get something to use at home that is non impact for cardio on days when I cant get to the pool. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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