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FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
1/6/13 7:42 P

I use an egg white with chopped veggies, oatmeal, seasoning and albocore tuna and make a tuna burger instead. I also add a tiny bit of mayo and it holds everything together and then cook it like a burger. I find it to be so delish.

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (77,993)
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Posts: 3,367
1/6/13 3:34 P

I also do what Rosedoll does. I add egg whites and oatmeal to use as a binder. The last time I made burgers, I also minced mushrooms to add and I've also heard of adding chopped blueberries. I'll try that one next.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,906)
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Posts: 9,707
1/6/13 2:27 P

Russell has a GREAT point... why not throw in some simple veggies? Some spinach, or some bell peppers, boost that nutritional content! I added a layer of spinach to my lasagna the other night... did'nt change the flavor at all, but gave it a nice nutrient boost, plus a splash of color on a very red-and-brown-plate!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/6/13 1:09 P

Once you add egg, you can put other things in the burger too, like finely chopped veggies, if you have trouble eating your vegetables, since the egg makes it stick together.

LINAREX SparkPoints: (22,824)
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Posts: 1,567
1/5/13 10:36 P

Yep, I do it to hold everything together, the extra protein is just a bonus!

ROSEDOLL Posts: 1,873
1/5/13 6:13 P

I have always added egg and oatmeal to ground beef for meatloaf and home made burgers. The doc said I should get some oatmeal into my diet so I added it this way, replacing bread. Never liked eating oatmeal so I get it in my cooking.

SHARIPAM SparkPoints: (92,090)
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1/5/13 5:18 P

I was under the impression that the egg held everything together, so the protein plus is an absolute positive! Never thought of it that way!

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (11,905)
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Posts: 3,685
1/5/13 4:24 P

The egg is contributing different amino acids and nutrients. There is no synergistic effect of adding protein to a protein. The yolk will also add fat to lean meats, aiding in absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K.

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (79,624)
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1/5/13 3:15 P

One egg has 6 grams of protein. Divide that by 4 or 5 (or however many burgers you make with that amount of meat) and you're really not adding THAT much.

STARSHINEFL SparkPoints: (1,072)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 158
1/5/13 12:03 P

I make something in between a burger & meatloaf - with ground meat, onion, whole-wheat bread crumbs, ketchup/mustard and seasonings - plus one egg. I like them made into burgers and baked in the oven, and the egg holds them together and makes them moister - turkey breast or lean ground beef can get really dry.

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CUDA440 SparkPoints: (84,691)
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Posts: 8,044
1/5/13 11:58 A

That's the way my mom has always made them, and so do I. We also add a few crushed crackers in it as well.


CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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Posts: 3,526
1/4/13 9:33 P

I use egg in my meatloaf, so, using one in burgers would make sense

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
1/4/13 9:30 P

I always put egg in my homemade meatballs or burger patties... Helps them to stick together better

1/4/13 9:00 P

I've done it before (more with turkey burgers than hamburgers, but same idea, I think). I personally think it adds to the flavor!

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
1/4/13 8:34 P

^Yup, agree again with YOJULEZ.

Adding egg to anything will give it more protein. The egg won't effect the taste of the burger much. But if it was me personally, I would add 2 egg whites as opposed to one egg.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
1/4/13 5:42 P

Well yes, adding egg to anything ups the protein value, which then will help you stay fuller.

It's not that unusual really... most meatballs are made with at least 1 egg in them, and hamburgers aren't that much different than meatballs. You don't taste the egg at all once cooked.

SKYE60 SparkPoints: (1,377)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 129
1/4/13 5:32 P

My neighbor, who attends a gym has a personal trainer that told her to mix in one whole large egg to her lean ground beef/turkey for hamburgers..she told me that its supposed to pack more of a protien punch and keep her feeling full longer. It makes some sense, but is that true? Any one else heard of doing this? Both of us want to lose about the same amount of weight.

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