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LindaK25's blog of 8/18 Meal Plans and some recipes inspired me to add my 2 cents.

Here's another time saver.
Take 4-6 lbs of bottom round or chuck steak.
Cut into 1.5 inch cubes.
place in Crock pot with just a bit of water and maybe a bay leaf.
put on 'high' and go about your day.

thats all the cooking for now.

if you like beef chunks (like for beef tips and noodles) you want to take the beef out around 6-7 hours.
if you like pulled pork or beef it may take 8-9 hours
remove the meat and store in one quart size freezer zip lock bags.
pop in freezer til you want a meat dinner!
This makes from 4-6 two meal dinners.
thaws quickly and very flexible

freezer trick:
I try to put just enough in the bags so that when I press the air out the meat forms a flat package of meat. do not overfill. then I lay them flat in the freezer. the next day I can the place the bags on their side. They store easily like folders in a file cabinet.
They unfreeze in about 2 hours. or, you can place the frozen meat in a pan on low with a touch of water while you prepare the rest of the meal.
I do the same with pork roast and chicken breasts.

So, when I don't know what I want to make for dinner I go in and shift thru the 'meat

Beef over noodles (I freeze these, too)
Pork and rice casserole (yup, I freeze rice, too)
Beef (or pork, or chicken) chili
Chicken and broccoli

I add frozen (of course) veggies and serve a salad or cottage cheese with fruit.

Can you say 30 minute meals?

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