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1/19/12 11:20 A

My body is ok with it, but I have never been very fond of bread - probably because for a couple of years while attending public school I had a steady diet of sandwiches for lunch.

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1/19/12 11:00 A

Bread definitely makes me hungrier. I will be more hungry after eating a sandwich on whole wheat bread than if I ate the sandwich fillings by themselves (now I just use lettuce instead). Potatoes and gluten free starches do not have the same effect on me.

Other ways bread affects me: immediate brain fog after eating, inability to concentrate, followed by sleepiness/fatigue. Slowly i get anxious and/or depressed. Several hours later, my skin gets itchy & eventually IBS comes back. Takes about 48 hours for the effects to wear off so I feel human again. Amazing that I used to think brain fog, IBS, and depression were "normal".

In summary, bread hates me.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
1/19/12 10:41 A

Bread fills me up and makes me feel great. I don't feel bloated at all

If I ate protein and a starchy vegetable as my carb for dinner, such as yellow squash. I am ravenous in an hour and then I over indulge.

If I include some pasta, bread or a potato with my meal. I am full until the next meal time.

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1/19/12 9:49 A

I find that if I have bread with a lean protein, I actually feel great. The bread fills me up and gives me energy now, but the protein takes longer to digest so I am not hungry for hours. For breakfast I always try to have some kind of whole wheat bread product with something high in protein, and on many days, I eat sandwiches with whole wheat bread, lean meat and lettuce.

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1/19/12 9:48 A

I would have the same feeling of being bloated, and hungry. I also feel more tired after eating bread - from what I remember. As a result, I've been wheat free for around 5 years at this point.

SF1985 Posts: 26
1/19/12 9:42 A

I rarely have bread, because there's not much nutritional value to most breads and it does nothing to keep me full. I'll occasionally have bread or tortillas etc., but only if they're properly prepared (sprouted). I'd rather get my carbs from vegetables or other things that are healthier.

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1/19/12 9:12 A

I do not allow myself to have any bread (or try not to) it makes me feel bloated-had the tests to see if I have a gluten allergy and I do not- but not only that it makes me hungry, if I eat even a half of a slice of bread, I feel starved and just eant to eat and eat all day. Which is a shame because I LOVE bread and make homemade bread every other day for others.

DOWNEASTB Posts: 472
1/19/12 9:07 A

Bread with high gluten content makes me gassy as can be. Just one slice of pizza and I'm in bad shape for hours.

TWILAT Posts: 215
1/19/12 8:46 A

Sounds like you may be gluten intolerant. When I consume real bread my stomach makes those horrible sounds and I fill with gas. Sometimes it gives me diarrhea. You might try to stay away from wheat and white flour. Try some gluten free products.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/19/12 8:25 A

Bread doesn't have any unusual effects on me. I don't eat a whole lot of bread, pasta or related food, but that's just because that's how I prefer to eat. I don't have any trouble losing weight when I eat bread, or any get negative feelings in terms of bloating and cravings.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
1/19/12 2:23 A

I don't eat much of it or pasta because neither keeps me full. I do have some ezekiel english muffins in the freezer that I like and that seem filing enough. I use to like both bread and pasta a lot more but now I kinda feel "meh" towards them with rare exception. My main grain source is oatmeal and sometimes cereal...I need to get more creative since both can get boring.

MASA0606 Posts: 965
1/19/12 2:07 A

I guess I've never really payed attention. I run a lot so I know I need healthy carbs and sometimes bread gives me the energy I need.

1/19/12 1:44 A

How does your body react to bread?

It makes me feel bloated! :( It also intensifies my cravings I noticed. I'm "hungrier" throughout the day if I have bread in the morning.

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