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HANNAH-RD Posts: 266
12/5/11 9:31 P

Thanks, everyone for the fabulous support and pep talk! Made it through without giving in today - woo hoo!! :)

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12/5/11 9:13 P

Say, that 3-5 PM late-afternoon window at work is probably the most challenging time of day for many, if not most, of us. Plus, it has always seemed to me that some stretches of time are much more challenging than others when it comes to that dilemma. For instance, if you've got a deadline looming on the horizon, the urge to check out all those candy dishes yodeling, "HANNAHZOE!" might feel all the more compelling, too. For myself, I might want baby carrots or fruit as opposed to the whole grain crackers along with that lowfat cheese stick, but that's a personal preference; there's something about the water content of the carrots or fruit which would help to satisfy me more.

If it's the urge to have something sweet and you don't mind sugar-free sweeteners, I like Werther's sugar-free hard candies (8 cal./ per, and you wouldn't want to bite down hard on it, lest you risk losing a tooth!)...or sugar-free peppermint Life Savers, or these sugar-free mints not unlike Altoids, but called Myntz. Trader Joe's has 'em, and they're three for just five calories. All of these alternatives interfere with the craving for a sweet taste, I've found.

Best of all, though, I'm glad you wrote your post here, as I'm sure there were many of us (raising my hand here :) who had that same, powerfully powerful afternoon craving late this afternoon, and you made me feel less alone. I can tell you this much from lots of similar experiences in the past: You'll never regret NOT giving in. The next morning, you feel great about yourself for resisting a really tough patch! Keep up the good work -

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12/5/11 5:57 P

Hi Hannahzoe,

There's an old saying that goes, "write it before you bite it" When you write down the reasons behind your cravings many times that just enough to deter you.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

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12/5/11 5:55 P

Way to go on seeking some advice and planning for the future. Candy dishes are tough. I like to keep some dark chocolate wrapped in individual servings and have that with hot tea on occasion. It's my way of still having candy but keeping it healthier.

Another thing I used to do was keep 100 calorie snack packs of various types of treats. That helped me wean my way off higher calorie food. Now I've pretty much weaned myself off of that. I love plain greek yogurt with fruit in the afternoon. I find that filling. Another treat option is sliced apples with chocolate almond butter. If I use crackers I add hummus to get in some healthy fat and a veggie.

Hope some of those ideas help you.

HANNAH-RD Posts: 266
12/5/11 3:41 P

Ok, so I've never posted here but it seems like a good idea. I've been doing SUPER with my eating goals but between 3 and 5 at work is incredibly tough for me with the candy dishes that "call my name." It hasn't been an issue for the past week but today, I'm feeling especially vulnerable for some reason (maybe too much coffee?). I usually have a healthy snack...usually fruit but today I have whole grain crackers and a lowfat cheese stick and it just doesn't seem that appealing to me...Plus I want to wait to eat it so I'm not famished by dinner-time. Anyway, already starting to feel more self-control just by typing this post, but any help/advice would be welcomed (then I can re-read it again when this happens in the future)!! Thank you! :)

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