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BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
11/8/14 6:21 P

I too would like to know

OLYGIRL65 Posts: 1
10/10/14 9:18 P

I can't find "My Recipes" In what section. I've looked everywhere. I've opened the 'Recipes' tab - where I thought it should be but nada. Check all the others too.


OOPS! Found it finally!!!

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DIALYNN Posts: 19
3/16/14 9:50 P

Thanks for posting this, I forgot to put in serving size and ended up with the whole recipe listed!

KATHERINEINATL SparkPoints: (9,018)
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10/2/13 3:43 P

tried to delete this pot but do not know how, sorry

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AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
7/10/13 3:01 P


Here are the instructions for that:

How do I edit or delete my recipe, or change the shared status of my recipe?

1. Click on "my Recipes," then "Recipe Box" at the top of the page.
2. Next to each recipe is an orange button to edit or delete your recipe, and remove it from or add it to the shared database.

7/10/13 12:41 P

I submitted a recipe and goofed it all up in format. How do I edit so I can make corrections?

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