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Yes - "The Hot Zone" is an excellent read. It put the fear of viruses in me like never before (and I always had a healthy respect). It's a real story, too.
It's been in publication long enough that you could probably find one in a paperback exchange, or even in the library.
My copy is one of only a handful of books on my "keeper" list. I should go back and remind myself why I put it there.

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If you're interested in learning more about ebola, I highly recommend the book Hot Zone.

People believe they are safe because they live in America. Not so. This book will tell you how ebola was discovered in Washington DC. Because we are a global community with people routinely flying from country to country, we are no longer immune to contact with highly infectious diseases.

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3/30/14 2:08 P

Terrifying news and the outbreak is ever changing and more mobile. Prayers.

3/30/14 9:09 A

That is scary. I read somewhere that Ebola outbreaks don't last long, the virus tends to burn out quickly. Nevertheless it is devastating to those who contract it.

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with that level of poverty...who knows how many cases didn't get medical help and were not reported because the families were afraid to be ostracized.

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3/29/14 11:53 P

Wow, that is scary!!! I will praying for those afflicted!!!

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3/29/14 11:39 P

How sad and scary!

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3/29/14 9:52 P

Ok yeah..I remember that know thanks.

I never read Outbreak, but I saw the movie Contagion, about how fast and quick a virus can spread around the world now....

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I had to Google.

That is truly scary stuff. Apparently it's spreading further and faster then usual this time. I hope they get it contained soon.

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Ebola is a blood/body fluid spread virus that ranges from 50% to 90% fatal. There is no cure and it spreads very quickly. It cause a hemorrhagic illness.

There are 4 types, only one of which has been seen here in the US.

It's a horrible disease. I pray that they are able to quickly contain this outbreak. The current version is of the 90% mortality variety.

Edited: The first strain that was listed as the cause is 50% fatal, now they are saying the current strain is 90% fatal. God Bless Guinea.

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Ebola is a virus first discovered in the late 70s (?) - it's a hemorrhagic virus, no cure. It was first identified in a colony of rhesus macacques which was isolated on an island in the Ebola river - local peoples bring these animals down that river to sell to research facility purchasers, but if any are found not to be in excellent health, the buyers won't take any of them. So the collectors abandon them to get healthier on this island where they can go back and recollect them. There was/is a cave somewhere thereabouts which has bats, and it's now thought that fruit bats may be the (or a) carrier. It's not uncommon for the local peoples to eat bats, or make soups from them. This may be a transmission mode, or it may be just wading in those caves trying to catch them. I haven't heard any definitive data on that.

The disease can come on very quickly, or take a few weeks. In any event, it causes spontaneous "dissolution" of many tissues - people who have it will bleed profusely from every orifice. I've only heard of a rare case surviving it.

The book "Hot Zone" and the movie "Outbreak" are both based on the Ebola virus.
There are 5 variants - I can't remember each one, but Zaire is one (the original, I think), and Sudan (the one active now), and another named "Reston" for a research facility in Virginia. That facility was destroyed when there was a suspicion that the Ebola in their macacque colony had gone airborne. Turns out, Reston is only virulent to primates, not humans. But they didn't know that then, and destroyed the whole place on suspicion. Marburg virus is in a related family, but isn't so deadly as Ebola.

The thing that's so terrifying about it is that we're such a mobile worldwide community... there was some estimate back in the original outbreak that it might take only a couple of weeks for the thing to spread worldwide, if it were ever to attach itself to someone travelling by aircraft. The survival rate is incredibly slim. And the virulence is incredibly high.

Guinea and that whole west African locale is so poor... so few resources. I fear for them. My heart goes out to them, victims and healthcare supporters all.

Info page from Wiki -<

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3/29/14 9:03 P

What is Ebola? I've heard of it, but I can't put my finger on it....

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3/29/14 8:57 P

Prayers being said

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3/29/14 8:42 P

There's a new outbreak going on in Guinea. The reports say possibly 125 cases, in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Some borders have been closed to try to limit its spread.

I believe I read somewhere that it's the Ebola-Sudan variant.

Ebola scares me to pieces. I hope they can contain it, and than not too many more will be afflicted.
Pray for them.

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