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KYODER Posts: 1
5/4/11 8:57 P

Kristin! My name is Kristen too how as is that! I wanted to let you know, I do EXACTLY what you do, i am JUST LIKE you are and what you do.. I eat until I feel sick and then eat a little bit later, I won't eat until I'm by myself and I workout at least 30 moniutes everyday and eat healthy for the most part but i binge.. on certain weird things or eat this and that beause i like never have it and then i feel guilty lol but I wanted to let you know, you're so not alone in that. So go us! (i guess??) :-P

4/25/11 6:19 P

Thank you so much for all of the ideas and support! It's so nice to have those of you who go through these things and understand what I'm going through offer advice instead of the eye rolling that I get from friends or family when I get upset about these things! I will try these!


CANDYLAND87 Posts: 202
4/25/11 5:59 P

Ugh, leftovers are the worst!

Make sure that when you are eating "normally" you're never depriving yourself of anything. My biggest binges were after I had been "good" for a long time, so I thought I deserved to eat all the unhealthy stuff I'd been withholding. Give yourself a little treat everyday. Something that won't derail your diet, but makes you feel like you're indulging in something. And if possible, get the leftovers out of the house!!!

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4/25/11 5:57 P

There is this book that might be helpful:

The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook

I had a different food issue and found that workbook type books were far more helpful than just reading about other people who have similar issues, which most other books are. It helped me to actually apply what I was learning in a real way. My life is so much different now. For me, at this point, overeating is when I add an extra 2-3 ozs of meat or an extra small potato or something. And it is usually hormone related and not emotional triggers related anymore.

Good luck!


4/25/11 5:45 P

I eat more when I'm bored or have to do something that I don't want to do. I also eat more when I'm alone, but not because I am lonely. I eat when I'm alone because I feel less like I'm being judged. My boyfriend and family being around usually keeps me from pigging out. I guess this is because I like to put on the image of self-control, when clearly I don't have it.

4/25/11 5:03 P

Is there an emotion that is bringing this about: stress, bordom, sadness, lonliness, happines etc, etc

Are you getting overly hungry and this is leading to the binge/over eating episode...if SO, then planned snacks can help.

Dietitian Becky

4/25/11 4:46 P

I'm sorry you're going through this also! It is worst when there's leftover food from holidays and baked goods. I feel pretty lousy about myself today, but I guess I'll try to move one day at a time.
Thanks, and good luck!

DMARTIN815 Posts: 102
4/25/11 4:32 P

I don't know how to help you, but i can say I know what you are talking about. I have been sabotaging myself for a while now, and I sometimes (usually one day or two to three days) will do the same exact thing. I am taking it one day at a time now, and trying to make sure I stay focused. Just know you have someone out in the world who is like you... emoticon

4/25/11 4:28 P

Most days, I follow a pretty basic diet and workout routine. I eat a set amount of calories and workout at least 30 minutes 5-6 days a week. All that is great, except those days where I lose it all.
I'm working to identify emotional eating triggers, but there are days when I am home and I can't stop eating. I will eat all foods that I would never eat most days of the week. After I start, I think "It's one day, that won't kill me right?"
Here's my problem: I keep eating until I feel so full that I feel sick. Once that sick feeling goes away for long enough, I mistake the lack of pain for hunger again.
How do I prevent this? Why am I sabotaging myself?

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