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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
1/31/14 2:50 P

My thoughts are similar to those of slimmerkiwi. Are you enjoying your food? Not just thinking, 'This is OK,' but thinking, 'Wow, this is really good'?

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1/30/14 3:37 P

My first thought, like others who replied, is that you might be dehdrated. The feelings are so similar

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1/30/14 3:32 P

When you are preparing food, is it something that you really fancy, or 'just some food' ???? If it is the latter I would prepare what you really fancy.

If this is a common problem, I would be inclined to talk with your Dr. Sometimes medications or some medical conditions can have this effect, and sometimes the state of our mental health can do it too.


1/30/14 9:07 A

Somethings to think about:
Are you drinking enough water? Sometimes our body interprets thirst as hunger.
Is your hunger being triggered by emotion?
Does this happen all the time? If you have no appetite for an extended period of time you might want to see a doctor.
Did you start or stop medication recently?
Do you need to change up your food routine? Are you always eating the same things, my brain get bored so variety helps.

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1/30/14 8:09 A

Do you have any history of stomach and/or metabolic issues (such as diabetes)?
Have you tried drinking something first and waiting 30 minutes?
Are you experiencing anxiety and/or depression?

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1/30/14 7:15 A

Half the time when i am hungry (like mouth watering but not stomach hurting kind of hungry) and make myself food i sit down to eat it and don't want to at all even though i still feel hungry. What could possibly cause this? Possibly the fact that this has been occurring for a while and my stomach might have shrank or something?

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