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12/30/12 2:56 P

I am not sure where you normally eat, but I have found many yummy dishes at restaurants. Below I have listed some things that I like at restaurants when eating out. This is definitely not an extensive list of all options, but I guess I am just trying to show that there are lots of yummy options. I only used chain restaurants since they should be familiar to most people.

Uno Chicago Grill:
Herb Rubbed Chicken Breast (definitely NOT bland)
490 cals + (250 with brown rice and veggies) / 2 (because the portions are huge) = 370 cals

Baked Stuffed Spinoccoli
390 cals + (250 with brown rice and veggies) / 2 = 320 cals

Red Robin:
Grilled Turkey Burger (with Wheat Bun and Fruit Salad or Veggies)
600 cals / 2 = 300 cals

Chicken Fajitas (using only two of the wraps that they give you)
585 cals

Margarita Chicken (as served with the sides on the menu)
650 cals / 2 = 325 cal

Olive Garden:
All of the Paninis are under 600 cals and can be split in 2 parts. I like the Grilled Chicken Caprese.

Soup, Salad, Breadstick if you limit the breadsticks and only have one bowl of soup is roughly 450-500 cals.

Cheesecake Factory:
White Chicken Chili
880 cals / 2 = 440 cals (quite frankly this is a HUGE bowl and I normally split it into 3 servings)

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12/30/12 2:55 P

You can order yours "hold the mushrooms".

As was pointed out, while a single restaurant meal will be over calories for one meal, you can mitigate that by eating light the rest of the day. Eg if you normally have three 400 calorie meals plus two 100 calorie snacks, skipping the snacks and having 300 at the other two meals allows an 800 calorie dinner for the same daily intake. You wouldn't want an 800 calorie dinner regularly, but it's fine now and then and pretty easy to make room for without starving.

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12/30/12 2:17 P

That's what I usually do (box half and eat a salad) but it's still usually above calorie range for one meal. And i usually make my vegetarian meals at home. I don't like mushrooms and most restaurants pack vegetarian meals with mushrooms.

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12/30/12 1:26 P

What about ordering whatever you enjoy while eating less throughout the rest of your day? Or eating half of your entree with a big salad and boxing the rest up to take home?

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12/30/12 1:15 P

Check out the vegetarian options on the menu. They can be quite delicious and are mostly a better choice health-wise. You will definitely want to see what it is though - vegies dripping in melted cheese is NOT a good option! :)

"Tasteless grilled chicken which they don't even bother to season..." where on earth are you eating?! Choose better restaurants.

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12/30/12 12:55 P

I read a spark thing about eating out and tips to not doom your diet...the only problem is most healthier options are seafood (which I don't eat in any form)...when eating out I always ear chicken....the only problem is you either get tasteless grilled chicken which they don't even bother to season or chicken smothered in sauce, butter, or fried.....sigh. If I wanted tasteless chicken I wouldn't bother going out to eat. Bit ugh now.

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