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Eating out/eating fast food? how do you do it??

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Posts: 2,388
7/11/13 8:48 P

Google the restaurants you eat at the most and check the nutrition info and start making better choices when you get there.

If you really love the taste of fast food, I suggest getting the book Fast Food Fix by Devin Alexander. This book has great copy cat recipes done light and healthy. It really helped me to reach my goal and actually enjoy my diet. I suspect it can help you too. Good luck.

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7/11/13 11:51 A

Agree w/ the meal planning suggestion. Honestly, if I didn't meal plan, I don't think I would have lost the weight. I'm not good at thinking up of meals on the fly but if I sit down once a week to plan it out, I end up eating great food because I took the time to plan it. And, while I plan I put things into my tracker, so that saves me time by not having to track every day. When the day comes, everything is already entered so all I have to do is tweak things if needed.

Also, by having a plan, you can do some of the prep work ahead of time. Like, for example, I'm picking up my boyfriend at the airport this evening, we probably won't get home til close to 8pm. On an evening like this it would be easier to pick up a pizza or swing by a fast food place on the way home, right? Well, because I planned ahead, I planned out a stir fry, which cooks quickly, and last night (while I was also prepping last night's dinner) I mixed up the sauce and chopped up the veggies. So, when we get home I can get to cooking and dinner will be ready in probably 10-15 minutes... about the same amount of time as it takes to sit in a drive through! You can even do it on the weekend... just spend 30 minutes or an hour prepping everything for the week ahead. Plus, since the stir fry makes 4 servings, my lunch for tomorrow will already be ready to go, so I just have the grab the container from the fridge in the morning before heading to work.

You also don't need to plan a specific meal for each day. Maybe plan out 5 meals and prep everything on the weekend, then you can pick what you want to eat each day.

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Posts: 1,044
7/11/13 9:52 A

Almost every fast food restaurant and a lot of regular restaurants publish their nutrition information online. If I know I'm going out to a restaurant, I comb through the menu looking for something I can fit in my plan.

I even gave up the chicken parm at Olive Garden when my office went there for lunch at Christmas and had something way lighter and healthier.

Also, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to lunches, but I'm also cheap. When I added up the cost of just having lunch out every day that I'm at work (5x a week) the actual cost of that made it much easier to pack a lunch. :)

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7/11/13 9:51 A

I always have pasta, sauce, meatballs, and canned tuna. Most of the time I have fresh veggies as well. It's pretty simple to make something out of these ingredients in under 10 mins.

Posts: 4,947
7/11/13 9:47 A

There are some tips and ideas in this article that might help you stay on track with your goals while also being able to make things quick and easy.

Think You're Too Busy to Eat Healthy?
Quick Shopping & Cooking Tips for People on-the-Go

Coach Tanya

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Posts: 1,052
7/11/13 9:35 A

I'm the same way; there are days where I just DON'T feel like cooking and want someone to do that for me. But you can still plan and enjoy a meal out. I wouldn't suggest making it a frequent habit because in reality, no matter what you get, you're going to be blasted with sodium, and for me, that isn't worth it to do more than once maybe twice/week.

Posts: 861
7/11/13 5:33 A

Fail to plan and you can plan on failing. Make a meal plan every week. Go to the grocery store, buy your stuff for the week and you will have it all on hand.

You can even spend one day a week or month cooking and freeze the rest so that you have individual meals on hand. That way you only need to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand to go with your meals.

Good luck!

Posts: 179
7/11/13 1:29 A

If I'm going between things and need to eat, I'll get a basic burger/turkey burger/etc. w/no mayo and take the top bun off and throw it away with the bag. I do not order fries cuz they are deadly for my pre-diabetic self. I'll order a diet drink or unsweetened tea. It gets me thru til I can eat a decent meal. Or tonight -- I actually planned ahead cuz I knew I wouldn't have time for dinner before meeting a friend at 6:30 for coffee (I was out running errands). I brought a nature valley protein bar with me. I ate it, followed by an iced coffee (Low fat, no sugar) and when I got home, I made a dinner of a lightlife veggie patty on two pieces of Dave's Killer Bread thin-sliced bread (only 12 carbs each), with dijon mustard and a bunch of baby kale. Really hit the spot and I didn't do anything crazy, nor did I go for hours without food. I'm really proud of myself.

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7/10/13 11:08 P

I have a set thing I order when I go to a certain restaurant.

For example, when I go to Subway, I always get the same 2 subs or when I go to Olive Garden I always get the same entree. These are items that I have already checked out the stats for via their online nutrition guide, and have deemed them as "safe" -

When I go to a place that does not have nutrition information available, I usually order a grilled chicken or steak salad, no french fries, dressing on the side or I order a steak w/ veggies (double side if they will allow it)

Posts: 56
7/10/13 10:57 P

I am doing WW and have the app on my phone, which lists not only points for every fast food you can think of...but also has an awesome feature: I can bring up whatever fast food restaurant I want and filter the results by the number of points I want to "spend", and then go from there in deciding what I can eat. :)

Posts: 963
7/10/13 10:52 P

Do you have Fit Foods in your area? They are healthy frozen meals that you reheat in the store or at home.

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Posts: 1
7/10/13 9:20 P

I have a horrible habit of just wanting to go get something quick and easy for lunch or dinner. It obviously isn't good food or good for me. Once I start eating healthy and get into a routine I do good and infact don't even like the taste of fast food or junk food, but until I get back to that point again, what are your suggestions to avoid the junk and still have quick easy meals and snacks that are delicious.

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