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If you don't have health issues then moderation I think is ok where if you have a restaurant meal which is high in sodium balance the other meals with less processed high sodium foods.
If out and you ask for the sauce on the side or order items plain that can help a lot with sodium intake. Deli meats are high in sodium so if you can opt for a plain chicken breast that helps. Most chains such as subway or Panera are high in sodium. You may want to find a family type restaurant where you can order items such as grilled chicken or even eggs.

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I tend to go out to eat from time to time with friends and or family. I am very good about checking the nutritional info. about the restaurant (if possible) online before I go out. It is getting easier to find low calorie meals at restaurants since being health conscious is now a marketable fad. However, meals that have low calories often time have very, very high sodium content. Now I do not have any health problems that prevent me from consuming sodium I just like to stay within my given sodium range for the day and not blow it all in one sitting.

My question is, does anyone know of some restaurants (in the Midwest) or big chain restaurants where I might find a meal that is low calorie and lower sodium? This has been a problem for me lately, most the meals restaurants sell with a normal amount of sodium are salads sans dressing (and I don't like paying tip and price for a plate of lettuce I can buy at the grocery store for much less).

I go out as little as possible but when family comes into town or there is a celebration and everyone goes out to dine I hate to be the wet blanket that keeps saying "no I'm good, I'll stay home and make dinner".

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