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Eating on a (long) trip?

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3/13/13 6:40 P

I try to be careful on long trips, but it's hard sometimes.

Posts: 4,848
3/13/13 6:07 P

Ohhh I know this problem all too well !!! I travel on long trips as well (most recently over the holidays, and will be going on a 2.5 week trip in April) and it is very challenging. In fact, I thought that losing weight on a trip like this would be impossible -- but I lost 2 lbs on my holiday trip so it CAN be done. I'm nervous about the April trip but I'm also optimistic coming off my recent victory!

I wrote two blog posts about the last trip -- one before (which was very "omg this is going to be a disaster") and one after (which describes how I actually lost weight on vacation while traveling abroad and staying with food pushers!). If you're interested, they're here:

Before I left:
(not as useful)

after I got back:
(potentially useful)

Posts: 133
3/13/13 6:03 P

My husband and I just returned from our long road trip to Seattle and back to Sacramento this past week. It was a challenge to stay the course, however, we did plan on snacking and my husband prepared the carrots and celery and our apples and our pears and bananas and tuna sandwiches so we were okay!

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3/13/13 5:49 P

I'm leaving for 30 days to be on a cruise ship and it's a CONSTANT struggle!

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3/13/13 2:35 P

I'd like to keep losing while traveling. Anyone have experience with this?

(I've already failed temptation 1. The moment I got off the plane, right across the gate there was a place with some deserts I love. I fell off the wagon with a crash).

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