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KIWIBIRD6 SparkPoints: (4,746)
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4/1/13 6:41 P


Thanks for that, emoticon
I have changed my minutes and will have to look back on the tracker to see if it has changed my Calories etc.

ERICADURR Posts: 241
4/1/13 5:25 P

Have you adjusted your Sparkpeople "Fitness" calculator to account for the amount of time you spend on your bike? It enables you to go in and change how many minutes you spend exercising per week and the amount of calories you burn, if you know them, and will adjust your calories accordingly. :) Hope that helps!

KIWIBIRD6 SparkPoints: (4,746)
Fitness Minutes: (1,589)
Posts: 58
4/1/13 5:22 P

I am riding my racing bike for 2 hour and I will be doing longer hours each week. I am eating a 3 Carbohydrate to 1 Protein meal straight after my ride and then the same an hour later.

This is working as I can ride 2 hours the next day without feeling too tired.

I am also taking 750ml Gatorade for every hour I ride, and 500ml before I start the ride.

Eating this way on my bike days, 3 days a week, is making my calories huge on my tracking day. Does this matter. I need more food on the bike days.

If you have any advice about riding long distance events and eating, I would be glad to here it.
Thanks emoticon

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