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5/10/13 5:11 P

Agree with the others--start making sure that the food you're selecting has been completely filled in with regards to nutrients, that way you have a better idea of the protein, carb, and fat count. I find that higher fat and protein foods make me feel fuller longer, and you could probably up your protein more--your days seem really light on the protein (although your trackers aren't accurate because the nutritional content hasn't been put into the computer correctly).

I've also noticed your lack of snacks--I'd put a couple of fruit and veggies in bags and munch on them throughout the day to help with hunger, and also to help with your servings of fresh fruits/veggies.

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5/10/13 1:52 P

Hi CandyGirl,

First of all, I love that you said you are on day3 of healthier lifestyle and not diet! That attitude will help you in the long run. Please know that it takes time to establish a healthier lifestyle and the body takes time to adjust to changes. But if you are always hungry, consider the following reasons…
1. Meals are far too spaced out – too much time between any 2 meals.
2. Very low calorie diet - drastically cutting back and too quickly
3. Skipping breakfast or are not consistent with it
4. Meals are too small
5. Meals lack any of the essential big nutrients such as carbs, proteins, fat, fiber.
6. Not drinking enough water or fluids
7. Any emotional changes in your life
8. Lack of sleep
In order to feel fuller, you can do some of the following things…
Salad: A nice healthy low cal salad can be made into a complete fulfilling meal by adding beans to it or quinoa/barley. Also add a protein source such as chicken. We do need healthy fat in our diet so add a avocado or some nuts and even seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin seed etc… Don’t avoid salad dressing. You can make a simple and clean dressing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Soups: You can make soups more fulfilling by adding quinoa, beans, or cooked barley to the soup and eating it with whole grain bread. Adding a little cheese to the soup will be ok too.
Wraps: Use whole grain tortilla, Pita bread when making any wraps. These provide carbs as well as proteins which helps to feel full. Again, some good fats as in avocado would help to feel full.
Snacks: Some food combination helps in feeling full such as apple sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with honey rather than eating plain. Yogurt sprinkled with nuts and added fruits also help to feel full.
Pasta: Use whole grain pasta such as wheat (if suitable), quinoa, etc.. rather than refined flour ones.
Drink a tall glass of fresh water throughout the day along with well balanced meals which are high in fiber and you will find that you are not so hungry all the time.

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5/10/13 12:34 A

I went to have a peek at your Nutrition Tracker. Rather than deciding you need more carbs, check the accuracy of your foods. You have .75 cup Special K Cereal - NO carbs; you have chicken salad - NO carbs; and you have other entries with NO carbs - also the protein seemed rather light/non-existent for some, which made your overall daily protein consumption appear very light. THAT can affect hunger, too! It would also pay to check the calories of your entries too, because if the others are wrong, odds are some of the calories are, too!

IF you have imported them from other SP members, please be aware that they often make lots of mistakes in their entries, so check with a Nutrition Label to be sure.


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5/9/13 8:02 P


It's only been three days ! You can't expect your body to change in so short a time. Remember, you're trying to change habits learned over a life time. That's not going to happen overnight, a week, a month or even a year. Change takes time, thus the need to be patient with yourself and your body.

I agree with LOVE4, you may be cutting your caloric intake too drastically to start. What did the Spark software give you for a calorie range ? If SP said you should eat 1700-1900 a day, that's what you eat. Cutting your calories too drastically will not speed up your weight loss. In fact, eating too little can slow your loss down.

I took a sneak peak at your food diary too. One thing that stands out to me is your lack of fresh fruit and veggies. It seems like the only fruit you eat is a banana. Which is great. I eat bananas too. But I also eat red peppers, broccoli, onions, apples, grapefruits, peas, corn, spinach, cukes, etc.... For optimum health, a person should be eating 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each day. This week, you barely had 1-2 per day.

If you want to feel more full, increase the amount of veggies you eat. Eating foods that are high in FIBER help keep you full for longer because it takes longer for the human body to digest high fiber foods. As a result, eating more fiber can help keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Carbs are not the enemy ! There are carbohydrates in fruit, veggies and whole grain breads and cereals. While it's true that most Americans eat too much and need to eat less, the problem is that they are eating too much of the wrong food and not enough of the right foods. QUALITY of the food you eat will not only impact your health, but your waistline too.

So, do your best to increase the amount of veggies you eat. Try to avoid highly processed foods. trade white bread for whole wheat. try to eat more beans. Beans are extremely good for you.

Mostly, you really need to be more patient with your body. NO ONE ever became a healthy eater overnight. I've been tweaking my nutrition for years now. believe me, it's an on going process. There is a lot to learn. My advice, start reading some of the great Spark articles on nutrition. The better educated you become about what you eat, the better you'll be able to find foods that are not only healthy, but tasty too.

You don't have to eat like a rabbit to lose weight, but like a rabbit, you do need to eat your roughage.

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5/9/13 4:43 P

Hello, I took a look at your nutrition tracker and I think I see some of what you're struggling with and some of why you may be hungry.

My first thought is that you may have reduced your calorie intake too suddenly. If you were eating a lot more calories and suddenly cut them down, your body is bound to have something to say about that (hungry)! It may take some time before your body adjusts to a lower level of caloric intake. You may need to increase your calories a little and then bring them back down a little more slowly.

So far as your chicken salads, you might try to switch out your salad dressing for a low calorie dressing and use just enough to give your salad some flavor so you'll have the calories left to add in some carbs for lunch. Have you considered wrapping your salad up in a whole wheat tortilla and making it into a wrap? I really enjoy chicken breast, avocado and a pile of mixed baby greens wrapped up in a 100 calorie whole wheat tortilla. Maybe pair that with an orange or other piece of fruit and you'll have a good lunch. Or, make it for dinner with some oven fries.

Some good sources of healthy carbs are things like fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, quinoa (kind of tastes like rice), brown rice, whole wheat tortillas, some breakfast cereals (the ones without a bunch of added sugar). Potatoes and sweet potatoes are vegetables, but they are also starches and I usually use them as the starch in my meal (I'll eat them with a non-starchy veggie and a protein). Both are packed with nutrients (especially sweet potatoes)--eat the skins too, as they are especially high in nutrients. A baked potato or sweet potato is a good choice to go with your meal, so long as you watch the portion size and you watch the toppings or go without toppings. I will only add a tbsp of brummel and brown and maybe one TEAspoon of brown sugar onto a baked sweet potato.

Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfasts, but I make it with milk instead of water (protein, calcium, etc.) and stir in a tbsp of peanut butter (heart-healthy fat), almond butter or sometimes I have even used cashew butter (so yummy). Egg sandwiches are good (scrambled egg on whole wheat toast with a slice of lowfat cheese) and you can pair it with something like a piece of fruit. Nonfat greek yogurt paired with granola (you have to search around for one that's healthy, without a bunch of added sugar, and has some nuts in it to add some heart-healthy fat) is also a favorite breakfast.

Yesterday, I had an egg salad sandwich for lunch (one egg, one egg white, a small amount of light mayo, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, whole wheat bread). I try to pair something like this with piece of fruit or some veggies and something with calcium in it (e.g. a nonfat yogurt). Today, I had leftovers from dinner last night. Chicken breast made in the crockpot with a little orange sauce, some fresh broccoli, an orange and some quinoa.

Tonight...spaghetti (made with 93% lean hamburger, with veggies on the side and a piece of garlic toast made from a slice a bread/a serving of butter spray/garlic powder/parsley/a little paprika) or a lean steak/baked sweet potato/broccoli.

I guess what I'm saying is that a healthy diet doesn't have to mean salads and chicken breast.

I really recommend a food scale, if you don't have one. You can get one for about $20-$25 at someplace like Target or online at Amazon. It was really eye-opening for me to start weighing all my foods. I found out that measuring cups can be really inaccurate and I also found out that no fruit or vegetable sold in stores these days can be categorized as small or medium (and many are larger than "large").

Oh, my final piece of advice is to never trust restaurant nutritional information. The portion size that they serve you may be a lot larger than what they use to make up their nutritional information. Besides, none of it's really healthy. Even Subway is absolutely loaded with salt and it's not a balanced meal (no heart-healthy fats, often low on fiber, lacking calcium and other nutrients, etc.).

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Hello so I'm day 3 into eating a healthier lifestyle. I always seem to hungry. What's are some healthy foods that are high in carbs?

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