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Eating in the evening & fat burn

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4/4/13 2:53 P

If you go to bed genuinely hungry, it means you are at a caloric deficiency, otherwise why would you be hungry when you go to bed? If you are at a caloric deficiency when you go to bed, you will be burning fat all night while sleeping (provided that you don't wake up to eat something).

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4/4/13 1:56 P

Awesome insight, everyone! Thanks so much!

Yeah, I kind of had a feeling this would be better worded, "Don't pig out mindlessly at night," which, yes, is when a lot of people plop down on the couch with ice cream, popcorn, nachos, etc. or when binge-eating is very likely to occur.

I've definitely woken up at 2 in the morning starving upon occasion or, even worse, have awoken every hour to glance at the clock just wishing breakfast would arrive sooner/more quickly. Those are never fun nights--and not worth it!

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4/4/13 11:51 A

Your body doesn't tell time. It might burn slightly less calories over night when you are resting, but that's just based on the fact that you are not moving. Not eating at a certain time of day does not impact calorie burn.

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4/4/13 11:45 A

I do not think I am burning fat or loosing enough but work second shift and get home after 11 pm and hungry, so I eat

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4/4/13 11:32 A

I consistently eat dinner after 8pm, and even last night I ate at 930. I go to bed around 1030 or 11. Hasn't affected me negatively at all. I sleep really well on a full stomach.

As others mentioned, I think the rules about not eating after X time have to do with the fact people tend to mindlessly snack after dinner while watching TV at night. Also, if you suffer from heartburn problems, you probably don't want to eat late.

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4/4/13 11:29 A

The PP Clark is right. If I go to be tummy grumbly hungry, I will wake up and sleep awful and possibly have to eat something in the middle of the night. That is no good. Eat when you are hungry. If you are eating healthy AND in your calorie range, then you don't really have anything to worry about.

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4/4/13 11:18 A

I'm thinking CLARK971 is right. The reasons why so many people say you should eat in the evening/night and it would store into fat etc. comes from the fact that most of the people who eat in the evening eat in front of the TV, mainly unhealthy foods like chips and ice cream.

A healthy evening snack definitely won't hurt your diet as long as you stay within you're calorie range.
I try not to eat after 7.30 because I don't sleep well if I eat in the evening. If I'm getting cravings I just drink a cup of hot milk, that always satisfies me.

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4/4/13 9:02 A

if i go to bed hungry, i wake up during the night. when i don't get a good night's sleep, i am tired the next day. when i am tired, i seem to crave more junk food.

i am an evening snacker. (or sometimes it is a mini meal) more often than not, i am still within my ranges for the day. my evening snack is usually around 730-800 and i usually go to bed around 930.

i think the problem with evening snacking is if someone has met their calories for the day, and spends the evening sitting on the couch eating chips, ice cream, cookies, etc. that would put them over their range-so by getting that under control, then they are cutting excess calories.

like a pp said, for those with acid reflux, going to bed on a full stomach doesn't work.

Edited by: CLARK971 at: 4/4/2013 (17:52)

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4/4/13 8:59 A

Protein in your snack requires the body to take more time to digest protein, and this means that more calories will be burnt and your metabolism will be boosted up. Having a protein and a small carb before bed steadies blood sugar. I know of nothing that proves that if you eat before bedtime it just turns to fat,or increases fat burn, however I believe that you burn fat while sleeping just at a slower rate. Snacks in small proportions balance blood sugar and help keep me restful and I choose Fage 0% Plain Greeek Yogurt as it is the lowest in sugar and I sweeten it with berries and slivered almonds along with a large glass of water to avoid degydration. My thoughts on the subject....I would keep snacking and have a good nights sleep.

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4/4/13 8:31 A

I have read Skinny Rules, and find that a lot of it is pretty much common sense. I'm not too sure I agree with the "burns more fat" theory, but I also don't think it really pays to go to bed on a full stomach, at least for me. I have had trouble with acid reflux in the past and find I generally sleep better if I don't eat after about 7 or so. As long as your evening snack fits in with your overall plan and doesn't bother your sleep pattern, I say go for it.

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4/4/13 8:19 A

So, I've read (in Bob Harper's Skinny Rules, for example) that not eating in the later evening/nighttime, say, after 7 PM, and going to bed hungry increases fat burn. Is this true? If so, is there any adverse effect on metabolism? I tend to eat a nighttime snack between 8:30-9:30, usually consisting of Greek yogurt, fruit, and a few nuts, and I go to bed between 10:30-11:30. I'm definitely not a fan of going to bed with a grumbly tummy. Thoughts?

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