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You can get a lot of meals from a whole chicken. Poach it after taking off the skin. Cook the skin down and save the fat for flavoring when you saute something else.. Eat the crispy cracklings with some bread, with no butter, but maybe a little tomato and lettuce (twist on a BLT). Shred the tender poached meat and season it with lots of spice and eat it in a tortilla (with some lettuce and tomato and a little cheese (accompanied by plain rice). Keep the poaching liquid and take all the bones and cook them down in the liquid, reducing it by half or a third (add a bay leaf for flavor, and one or two pieces of veggies). Strain and use this to make a soup - add in some boiled veggies and chicken if you have some left over. If it's spicy chicken you have left over, add a can of tomatoes with chilis. To make it hearty, add in some left-over rice.

A whole chicken - don't waste a bit of it and make it stretch over at least two days!

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We are on a budget too. We cook a lot from scratch and generally have a day where I am *bulk* cooking for the week. We live on corn tortillas, brown rice, beans, oatmeal, whole chickens, farmers market veggies/ fruit (generally cheaper than supermarket) and I shop following whats on sale each week and whats in season its a little more effort but we stay on our smallish budget easier. example: Cabbage lasts longer than lettuce and you get more for your dollar, it stretches further, I have found...

Overnight oats are awesome and you dont need milk (water will do great) to make or chia seeds (which are expensive) mixing in banana and PB is our go to.

A whole chicken can be used tons of ways before its gone with the best part at the end making it into soup

We eat a lot more vegetarian meals like beans and rice with homemade spicy pickled
carrots or make veggie burgers and buy stuff in bulk also usually at the health food store which is cheaper than other stores there are a lot of budget friendly recipes on here just have to research a little!

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These threads may be useful to you

As you can see, it is a very common topic. Type budget into the search box for more threads

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I lost my job a month ago and money is real tight right now, what are some healthy cheap foods?

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