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2/1/12 3:31 A

What she said.

Just really posting to say everything GEEKLING said, but it was said well so I'll just say "Yeah, that's right".

GEEKLING Posts: 601
2/1/12 1:39 A

"Are there foods people of different body shapes should avoid? Eat more of? etc."

In short, no there is not.

There is no scientific evidence that would suggest that your body shape (pear or apple or whatnot) has any impact on how different foods are taken care of by your digestive system.

But yes, some people do find weight loss easier on a protein rich, restricted carbs diet. That is fairly common. So if that works for you. Spiffing. Wouldn't for me, it's not a lifestyle I could keep up in the long run.

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DOE1164 Posts: 103
2/1/12 1:30 A

Hi, I was reading on this sight about body shapes etc. Are there foods people of different body shapes should avoid? Eat more of? etc. I'm a medium, pear-shaped frame and have been wondering about this for a while. I find when I eat even healthy, fibre-rich, bread-type carbs, I gain weight more than when I'm eating more protein. Is this more or less common?
I'm getting used to a lot more veggies and protein, but I've got to say; I miss my Fiber One Cereal, my oatmeal, rye bread, and popcorn a bit! Is there a time of day these are better to consume, should they be consumed only every few days??? I'd really appreciate some insight into this from any of this wonderful Spark team crowd:-), but if a dietitian/nutritionist would give his/her opinion, too, that would be very appreciated, as you've studied these things in more depths than we average Joes! Thank you!! :-)

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