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9/20/12 1:53 P

If you are laid up, then you will need to reduce your calorie intake because you will temporarily be more sedentary. But there are lots of fruits & veggies that you could eat & that don't require a lot of preparation. Pre-cut celery sticks, 1 oz boxes of raisins, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, apples & other tree fruits. Maybe look into Peapod or another grocery delivery service just for your recovery time.

And there's nothing wrong with microwave meals, either, temporarily & for variety. Once your foot is recovered & you can stand on it, you can cook better, but in the meantime making food prep easy while you recover is probably a better idea.

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9/20/12 11:18 A

I cook for one, too, and often make just a single serving. I have standard recipes in my smart phone tracker with all the nutrition already to go and tracked with a single click.

I also sometimes make recipes for four or more and divide it into single servings and freeze. I put these in my smart phone tracker also and just log with a click.

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9/19/12 3:16 P

Like Nancyhome I'd usually cook a full recipe, for say four people, divide it into four portions, freeze two and then have the others that week. If you do this a lot you can build up a selection of ready cooked and healthy meals in the freezer and give yourself plenty of variety. Soups work great for this as do chili, curries, pasta dishes, even baked treats like low fat muffins and granola bars...the sky is the limit. It would be great to have a build up of dishes for when you know you'll be laid up. If I didn't cook this way I'd be eating convenience food every day as cooking for one usually results in a lot of waste.

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9/19/12 8:38 A

It's just not an efficient use of time or money to cook just one serving of a nice meal every day! Instead, a couple times a week I make a full recipe (4 servings) of something, and then immediately divide it into 4 portions. One portion I enjoy fresh that day, and the others are frozen in rectangular Rubbermaid Takealong containers. I keep a nice rotation going, having about 14 frozen entrees, so I never eat the same thing twice.

Of course, you do need a large freezer.

Since I love homemade soups, I do the same thing: cook a stock pot of soup, divide it up into 2- or 4-cup tubs, and freeze them. Once they're frozen solid, I pop them out of the containers, wrap in aluminum foil, add a label, bag them, and stack in my freezer (and my leftover tubs are freed up for other uses). Just yesterday, I made a batch of French Onion Soup that way. Can hardly wait for the winter squash to flood the market and go on sale.

I use the Food Tracker Groupings tool and enter all my ingredients. I add the number of servings into the Title (for instance, Oriental Pork Tenderloin-4 srv) so I'll be able to accurately enter a portion size when I eat and track that meal (I'd enter ".25" for size of serving, for a 4-serving recipe, or ".2" if it made 5 servings, etc.) When I've finished the last frozen serving of a recipe, I'll delete the Grouping. That sure has made tracking foods quick and easy for me.

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9/11/12 10:04 P

Hi, thanks for your response, I'm real finicky about what I eat for leftovers. I had the same surgery on my left foot 2 years ago. I pretty much ate alot of canned soup, I'm more concerned about putting on weight from just laying around, but that's all I'm going to be allowed to do for several weeks, then I'll be wearing a boot for several more weeks. I am just tired of eating the same thing over and over.

9/11/12 7:52 A

it's just me & my husband at home, but we usually cook once or twice a week (full sized meals) and eat the leftovers the rest of the time. there are a series of books called cooking for two or just you. also hungry girl recipes usually just one or 2 servings. altho, i'd probably be eating a lot of instant/frozen stuff if i were recovering from foot surgery & alone. :/

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9/11/12 1:07 A

Can anyone give me ideas for a single serve , I am single so I only cook for myself and my budget is limited so nothing fancy please, Also before to long I will be laid up in bed from having foot surgery, suppose to stay off my feet for several weeks. Kind of hard to do when I live alone and have to eat. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks emoticon

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