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8/16/13 11:35 A

I kinda have the same issue. I teach Zumba 3 days a week and my calorie burn is pretty high those days. I still just eat the same amount of calories each day unless I am really hungry, then I eat more protein to help tide me over.

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8/15/13 11:56 P

The body has reserves of around 2000 calories of usable energy.

This can easily cope with normal variations in exercise levels, and in the normal scope of things, it is probably more helpful to think about things in terms of a weekly average. However, when you start burning more than say around 1000 calories a day, you probably should be thinking about eating more that particular day to provide enough to replenish those reserves.

If you start burning more than around 1500 calories in a single workout, you probably want to consume extra calories DURING your workout to ensure you don't deplete your reserves. Energy drinks, energy gels, jelly beans, etc are all easily digestable ways of getting in extra calories during your workout. However, with commuting to and from work, and training being seperated by several hours and a meal or two, you likely don't fall into this category.


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8/15/13 10:04 P

If you enter your total calories burned for the week into your fitness setup, Spark will give you an average range based on how many calories you burn/week.


They have a new option if you go into your account settings on your Start Page. It gives you a daily calorie intake based on how many calories you burned that day. When you put the exercise into your fitness tracker it will raise your calorie range for that day. On days you don't exercise, your range will be lower.

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DRSOOO Posts: 30
8/15/13 9:57 P

So I started riding my bike to and from work this week plus half marathon training. I wear a heart monitor while working out, both biking and running. According to my monitor, I burned over 1500 calories. I have a Suunto heart rate monitor and I think it accurately measures calories burned. Sparkpeople estimates calories per day based on a weekly average, but days like today, I burn a huge number of calories, while two days a week I do no exercise and other days I only bike to/from work and I burn closer to 600 calories. Should I eat more on days that I burn a crazy amount of calories exercising?

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