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1/17/13 11:27 A

Haha, yes it does - one of those slimy little creatures who come out when it rains :P

1/17/13 10:52 A

Does slug mean the same thing in the UK as it does in the US? :) I thought my diet bestseller title "Sweat and Lettuce" was bad; Slug and Lettuce is even more unappetizing! (I'm sure it's delicious though.)

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1/17/13 9:14 A

Thanks for your advice. I think if there was an option I was drawn to I'd just go for it, but they all seem equally appealing/non-appealing (none stand out for good or bad reasons). Normally I'd then use nutritional values as a guide to making a decision if all else was balanced, and figure when indifferent it's best to go for the healthiest option! :)

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1/17/13 9:12 A

Thank you! That picture and info on the sweet potato salad was amazing as I'm now much more inclined to choose it - it looks and sounds both yummy and fairly healthy. I hadn't realised sweet potato was relatively healthy, thinking of it more like normal potato (from the description I was thinking this sounded more like a bowl of chips and grains!). I appreciate it :)

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1/17/13 8:52 A

Which would you LIKE to eat? I mean, no point in suffering a food you don't enjoy.

Nutritionally, some of the options are probably lower in protein than others (the salad, for instance)...which you might select will partly depend on what you need to balance your day's other food choices. None of them looks really terrible--even the cream sauce ones, you can often let the sauce drain down a bit before you eat, and not mop up.

You may want to ask if the arrabiata is vegetarian. Sometimes there's a meat base to the sauce. Depends on the cook/recipe. Ask about prep. methods, and see if there's any way to either minimize sauces or have them served on the side.

Portion size will also be in play...I often ask for a carry-out container at the START of the meal. Before I've tasted anything, it's easier to box half of it.

Bottom line: once you select, enjoy! no one meal ever broke a good eating life.

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1/17/13 8:37 A

Personally I'd go with the sweet potato salad with the dressing on the side. Sweet potatoes are low in calories. The falafal is probably deep fried and creme fraiche is VERY high in calories--higher than sour cream. Penne Arrabiata will probably be one of those lower in calories as well so long as it isn't piled high with parmesan. The curry probably has coconut milk in it which is also very high in calories and may even have added sugar.

Here is a picture of the salad:

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. None of them seem like horrible choices so even if you end up with more calories than you'd like (or than you even know) it will be ok.

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1/17/13 5:17 A

I'm eating at a chain pub that doesn't list nutritional info tonight. I'm pescatarian, so have listed all the suitable options below and hope someone can advise me! I think the salad looks worse than some of the sandwiches...

Wrap: Falafel, lettuce and tomato, with crème fraiche & spring onion dressing
Goat's cheese tostada flatbread: With sauteed Paris brown and oyster mushrooms, plus sticky onion marmalade.
Sweet potato salad: Roasted sweet potato wedges, on mixed leaves, with chickpea couscous and a tomato & mint dressing.
Smoked haddock fishcakes: served on a dressed mixed salad, with a crème fraiche & spring onion dip on the side.
falafel burger: with guacamole and a sweet chilli sauce
goan vegetable curry: Sweet potato, onion, tomato, peppers, chickpeas and spinach in a medium-spiced coconut cream & joghurt sauce


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