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8/19/12 8:58 A

Thank you! : )

8/19/12 8:45 A

Green stevia works really well in savory dishes that need a pinch of sweet to counter bitterness. Like spaghetti sauce, cabbage/kale dishes, salad dressing. I've gotten to where I enjoy 1/4tsp or do in my coffee but that took time.

I have quite a few recipes posted in the Notes section of my food page on Facebook (linked in my signature)

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8/19/12 8:40 A

Thanks for that. Do you have any recipes or ways to use stevia?

8/19/12 8:27 A

I only use green stevia (not the white powder like truvia, etc but actual stevia leaves that have been crushed into a powder) and fruit (dates, bananas) to sweeten.

It took me a while to develop a taste for green stevia but it works well for me now.

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8/19/12 7:10 A

I don't do artificial sweeteners anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions for me about what to use, instead? I bought some "blue agave" (liquid/syrup)the other day, but I haven't used it yet. It says on the bottle that it's about 1.25% sweeter than sugar, so use less. Maybe I'll try it in some lemon water to make lemonade. I used to be a diet coke addict.

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8/19/12 5:02 A

Fats. Butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil.

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8/19/12 2:48 A

I'm not too good with the hungry tummy either.. but I've found a few filling foods that keep me going

Do you like porridge, quinoa or brown rice? all of which can be pre-cooked and eaten cold, and are cheap as chips and low calorie. Throw in some baby spinach, tomatoes and lemon juice or balsamic dressing.

I do believe somebody already mentioned nut butter on apple slices - do it, it's amazing!

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8/18/12 1:55 P

Try to eat a healthy fat and some protein at each meal. also do a little traking so that you will know how much to eat. then you can plan your meals accordingly. Beiing a vegetarian I find it difficult to eat enough calories since I do not eat a lot of dairy and avoid many high calorie foods. Plan your meals, track them and you will be successful.

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8/18/12 6:10 A

I second the idea of adding greens and legumes to you diet. Both are more filling in the short run and longer-lasting than fruits and some of the other vegetables.

Best of success to you!

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8/18/12 3:18 A

I like the way you posted your milestones. I'm going to do this. Thanks for the idea & kudos on your success!

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8/16/12 7:42 P

Are you eating a vegan diet, or just trying to keep plants as the basis? In any case, I'd recommend adding in things like sweet potatoes (you can microwave them in their jackets - baked is better, but the microwave works), acorn squash (can also be baked or microwaved plain), regular potatoes, corn, quinoa, barley, beans and lentils (if you can't prepare them, buy canned beans, drain and rinse). I haven't tried it, but have read that steel cut oats can simply be soaked overnight, and will be ready to eat in the morning.

If not vegan, a breakfast I've been having recently is beans with some bagged shredded coleslaw and eggs. You can even purchase pre-peeled hardboiled eggs if cooking the eggs is not possible. Another protein source to go with this is cottage cheese, if you're eating dairy.

The smoothies are a great idea, too. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of flax makes them more filling. You can also add yogurt of silken tofu for protein.

8/16/12 6:39 P

You might find beans to be more filling/satisfying.

My guess is you're not getting enough calories.

I have been eating a whole foods, plant based diet (vegan, so no meat/dairy/eggs) for quite a while. It does take a little planning ahead, which it looks like you're doing by bringing food. But you really need to make sure your calorie needs are being met.

Perhaps some hummus to go with those baby carrots...

8/16/12 6:01 P

I would say go for greens and whole grains! I love braised kale, and it is very filling to me. Ezekiel bread, especially their sprouted grain low sodium version, makes a great sandwich with almond butter and apple slices (or mango if you're feeling creative). Beans also leave me feeling full, and they can be added to your leafy greens in a salad.

I am trying to stay plant-based too, but it has been hard for me because I am inconsistent. I think if I stayed true to the lifestyle for at least a few weeks it would be a lot easier, as my stomach and brain and taste buds would adjust to the new way of eating. If you haven't already, check out 'The Engine 2 Diet' by Rip Esselstyn and 'The RAVE Diet' by Mike Anderson for great recipes and tips.Good luck!

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
8/16/12 2:59 P

Smoothies are a good idea as others have suggested. I sometimes make one with the following things:

1 frozen banana (pre-chopped before it was frozen)
1/3 of a block of silken tofu
frozen berries (I just sprinkled some in)
sugar-free vanilla Almond Breeze (as you like to get desired think/thinness)

You could also skip the berries and add peanut butter instead.

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8/16/12 12:31 P

Try eating a larger breakfast and a slightly smaller lunch. Do you know the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber? Insoluble passes quicker through the digestive tract. Soluble fiber (such as that in peas, oatmeal, etc.) needs to be broken down by your body and so it takes longer to digest. It could be that you're eating too much insoluble and not enough soluble, and that is why it doesn't keep you full for very long.

All plant based foods contain both kinds of fiber, so look at a list and try to get an even mix of both. If you're eating a plant based diet, it's a good idea to have at least 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein at each meal or snack. That will keep you full longer. A cup of bean soup with veggies, for example, would contain both and make a good snack. Pair it with an apple and some carrots, and there you go!

Another yummy snack to have maybe for breakfast would be a pumpkin soy shake, where you blend or use an immersion blender on 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin, 1 cup of unsweetened soymilk, and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon. It's yummy, naturally sweet, and provides both fiber and protein.

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
8/16/12 12:14 P

It also depends on how long you have been attempting to eat Whole Foods and a plant based diet. I started 1 1/2 years ago as a vegan raw. I am not 100% raw as I will eat green fed beef and chicken.
But I had a raw food chef prepare my meals for about a year as I was learning how to do it myself. At first I looked at the portions and thought-- Heck no, that will not fill me up, but after about a month, I was actually satified. The veggies conconctions she made were filled with fiber and filled me up. i think I would get sick eating 5 or 6 apples not to mention all the sugar that I would have to burn off. Be careful with nuts. Though they are healthy and have awesome benefits to them, you really do need to put a limit on them if weight loss is your goal. I limit myself to 1/4 cup a day.

maybe bring a green smoothie with you. The thickness in the smoothie fills me up and i am satified until lunch. I also do drink a lot of water.
Hopefully this helps. :)

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
8/16/12 11:32 A

What about omelettes? Where I live you can find endless amounts of cheap zucchini and red/green peppers because they are in season. Many days I cook the vegetables in a small amount of fat (1/2 T) and then pour a couple of scrambled eggs on top. My omelettes are usually more vegetables than egg, but I find them filling and testy.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
8/16/12 10:35 A

Some high fiber grain and perhaps some protein added to your 'snacks' would probably make you feel full. Some fat, too, but don't overdo it, because it's MUCH more caloric. A PB&J with no-sugar preserves instead of jelly, using high fiber bread, maybe. That has fat, fiber, fruit.

8/15/12 10:53 P

Apples, nuts, and baby carrots are actually a good combination.

The thing is, your body isn't used to eating appropriate portions, it isn't used to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and it will take some time for your stomach to be able to tell you that you are full. This is normal! It has taken me 4 months, and I am just starting to feel like my stomach can tell me when I'm full- and even then, get my off my schedule and my usual types of foods, and I have no idea. You also have to trial and error to see what works for you. Some bodies prefer a lot of protein. Other people find that eating tons of veggies fills them up- eating a large quantity of foods helps them to feel full. Some people eat small meals several times per day. Others eat three bigger meals in order to feel satisfied.

Give yourself grace, and take time to figure out how to eat healthy for you and your lifestyle.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,152
8/15/12 10:40 P

i agree with disco. plain fruits and veggies are really poor snacks/meals. you need to have them with something to make them balanced out and you feel full. and make a note of what you eat, how much of it, and when you feel hungry again. use this to determine what foods and food combinations work for you. so many people swear by eggs as being a filling food and a good choice, but i am just as hungry after i finish eating as i was when i started if i have eggs. unless i eat them with something that i find filling without the eggs [i happen to like eggs, so i do eat them]. i find that boxed mac and cheese will fill me up more.
you need to find out what works for you. you can safely mark off plain apples, plain carrots and plain almonds from your list. you can work on finding different things to go with them to make you feel fuller for longer, but you need to ditch the idea of them plain.

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8/15/12 10:06 P

If you're not tracking, that may be part of the problem. You could be undereating!

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8/15/12 9:59 P

I have an apartment, but very little prep area. Thanks for the suggestion though!

CANADA-DISCO19 Posts: 168
8/15/12 9:52 P

Try eating a nut butter with you apples (peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, etc.)
Dip your carrots in hummus (you can buy it pre-made)
Bring containers of cottage cheese to school
Avocado is a great idea like another poster said
Bring individual containers of greek yogurt
String cheese

just a few suggestions :)

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8/15/12 9:25 P

Hmmm. For satiating fats, try avocado (you can get pre-made guacamole in many supermarkets). Eat straight, perhaps, or use celery or other veggies to dip in the guacamole.

How about a salad with a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing? Or do you have space to prep your own food (I don't know if you are in a dorm as a college student, or not).

I'd be hungry on your food plan, too.


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8/15/12 9:03 P

Honestly, I am not consistent with it at all. I have only recently been trying to eat better. I will go ahead and do it, but I have been busy in the past and not kept up with the tracker thing. But, exactly what I wrote earlier is what I had. Just some apples, carrots and almonds, so I can definitely see the not enough protein and fats, but how do I go about getting that stuff with healthy foods?

It sounds weird, but I really don't buy healthy because I have no idea what to make with it, and every recipe I see out there has so much stuff into it, that I can't afford to do it, so I give up and don't try. So, I don't know where to start if my first day doing it is like this.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
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8/15/12 8:48 P

If you will create a Sparkpage and share your nutrition trackers, we can give you specific recommendations on what you're eating that can troubleshoot this problem. Usually when you're constantly hungry, you're not getting enough protein and fat to keep you full.

What's your calorie range, and how much are you eating each day?

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8/15/12 6:54 P

Hi, I'm posting because I have a problem that may be unique.

I am trying to eat better, but the problem is that I'm never getting full. This morning for instance, I bring a bag of apples, a bag of baby carrots and a medium bag of raw and unsalted almonds to school with me. In the course of 4 and a half hours, I burn through around five or six small apples, almost the entire container of almonds, a good 2/3rds of it, and not much of the baby carrots because of th's taste I'm not used to yet.

I'm side to drink a lot of water to try and get full, especially with the carrots, but I never get full. My stomach told me I needed to have a BMW, but never said I was satisfied, nor told me that I needed to suit rating. I felt like I hadn't eaten anything all day and it was hard to study for finals. My thoughts kept racing to the more interesting side of things rather than the work I needed to do.

But I ended up riding my bike hone and stopping to get something unhealthy and satisfying. Because. I felt like it was the only thing to help.

Any help with this is appreciated!

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