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STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
10/30/08 10:14 A

for me i try to go with the nut. plan on here, but the foods that i eat are always healhty. i am also tryin to eat more protein (ground turkey, alot more vveggies).....ya ill prob do a healhty thing the day of the wedding

im just a girl, standing in front of a boy..askin him to love her
TDEGEN Posts: 407
10/30/08 7:49 A

Hey girl!

Good question!

Currently, I am really striving to have more protein in my diet than fat. I am going against what Spark recommends, but it seems to help me.

As far as foods - what do you LIKE to eat? Take what you LIKE and make it healthier. I LOVE french fries. I make them healthier in a SUPER easy way - russet potatoes chopped like steak fries, soaked in zesty italian dressing (light) then seasoned with black pepper, lawrys, red pepper, and parsley. Spray a baking pan with PAM and place potatoes one layer thick, and cover with PAM. Bake until crispy.

That's just one example. Just because you are eating better doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy foods you love. :)

On my wedding day, it's just going to be portion control. We have a lot of salads so hopefully I can fill up on those, so I don't eat too many cheesy potatoes! :)


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MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
10/30/08 7:35 A

Is anyone on a specailized eating plan before your wedding? I know that we track all of our food in the food tracker, but I am wondering if anyone is coming up with any really great things to eat. I search and search the receipes, but find out that I get kind of frustrated because I never know really what I "want." So, let me know what you are eating! (:

Oh, and is anyone putting "healthy" in to their idea for their dinners, etc at the wedding or is that a day you are letting yourself "cheat?"

What if the hokey pokey IS really all it's about?

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