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7/11/13 7:18 A

I eat out often, mostly for lunch, which is a little easier. This week I had breakfast for lunch..two eggs and one toast, instead of a high fat lunch menu. Sometimes I have a BLT, without mayo, easier to track than a healthier sounding tuna or egg salad. My purpose for eating out is to's really not for the food!

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4/22/13 7:37 A

My advice is to pre portion food to take with you like nuts, high fiber bars, some apples or a banana.
I've found the calorie's contained in my fav restaurants on line, so I can know what has the least calories before I every leave the house.
Busy lifestyles can make it difficult. A little planning can help.
Sattva's idea is a great one, consider going the the grocery store for lunch.
Best of luck to you. emoticon

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4/22/13 5:58 A

Last night hubby wanted to do fast food after the ball game. I didn't eat anything at the game....hooray!!! We did eat a whooper meal because hubby had a coupon. I got mine without mayo and had ice water instead of a soft drink....that's a miracle for me too! Yesterday was a good day for me!

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4/22/13 3:48 A

I try to get food in the supermarket rather than eating out. This works!

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4/16/13 11:40 P

I'm new to posting so hope I am doing this correctly. I find it really difficult to control calorie intake when I'm away from home and eating on the run. I try to make good choices but often find they aren't the best. For example the other afternoon I got a fruit smoothie which I made the assumption was just fruit. I checked the calorie content when I got home and it was very high! If anyone has tips about 'eating out and on the run' sure would like to hear them.

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