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7/4/12 12:24 A

Thank you Coach Tanya! :D

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7/3/12 11:09 A

This article can help you do a little research before you visit to help you discover the truth about what nutrients make up your favorite restaurant foods.

Restaurant Nutrition Index
An Alphabetized Index of Your Favorites

This will help you at the movies --

Movie Theater Snack Attack!
Two Thumbs Up or Blockbuster Diet Disaster?

And this resource will help you as well --

Eating Away From Home

Coach Tanya

7/2/12 8:11 P

I love to spend time with my family, and we often go out on weekends to watch a movie or eat at a restaurant. Right away, I've pretty much ruled out fast food places in order to stick to a healthy diet. But are there any chain restaurants (other than Subway) that are generally healthy or calorie-conscious? Where do you like to go without having to worry about ruining your diet?

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